Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I think the scales are giving me payback for the Great Eating Out Debacle of last week, as they've currently bounced back up by a 1lb or so. Deeply irritating, but I'm eating well this week, so I've just got to be patient until I can regain my pre-holiday weight, and start going down again.

I had another absolutely rubbish day at work yesterday, in full out stress mode. I had a big deadline for 5pm, but the data file I needed to work on didn't get delivered until 4pm. The problem is that it takes me around 3 hours to prep the file assuming there are no major problems with it. So on top of the fact that this obviously meant I had to work over by a couple of hours to get it submitted, it meant that I spent mid-afternoon essentially twiddling my thumbs and getting more and more wound up over the non-appearance of my data. So what do my thoughts naturally turn to? Self-medication by food.

It's weird that now I've noticed I do this, I'm hyper-aware of it. Luckily for me, the only food within the vicinity was jelly sweets, which aren't exactly highly damaging. I did pick at a few of them, but they don't come to more than about 2 points worth, so it was fine.

Having done the world's quickest supermarket shop on the way home (I had 10 mins before they closed - lucky I'd done a quick list while I was waiting round during the afternoon so I could just whip round grabbing what I needed), I got home just in time to meet Bridget for dinner at 8pm. I was absolutely starving by that time, so I was rifling through the cupboards for something to snack on while we waited for dinner to cook. It's funny how that works out when there's no crap in the cupboards - do you know what my naughty snack was?

A handful of unsalted cashews and a satsuma. Last of the big bingers, eh?

Had such a nice dinner of left over cold salmon fillet from the night before, a jacket potato, broccoli spears and green beans, and a tablespoon of extra light Philadelphia to substitute for butter on the potato and veg. The best thing about B coming round, is she actively likes eating healthy with me, so it doesn't mess up my routine.

I did catch myself later in the evening when I was reviewing my points for the day, and I realised I'd forgotten to put down my pre-dinner snack - I was half-tempted to say oh well, I don't need to really point that do I?, which I've found myself thinking a few too many times recently. YES!!! I really do need to point them. I need to point everything! That's one bad habit I need to bash on the head right now, otherwise I'm not going to get anywhere.

I've now got a dinner invite for Friday night. I'm a bit wary because it's for an Indian restaurant, and I know that that cuisine is notoriously bad for healthy-eating, but I'm quite lucky really, because there's not that much Indian food I actually like, so it should be ok for me to stick to something healthy, and not be tempted to eat the whole menu.

Anyway, less stressful today (I hope) and then I'm going for a run straight after work. Then a quick dinner and off to the girls night. B and I made a deal last night to watch each others backs on a snack front and to implement wrist slapping as appropriate for straying from the plan.

"I'll get by with a little help from friends ...." Definitely.


Watching and Weighting said...

hey dude!

oooooh Indian food - mmmmmmmmm YUMSVILLE!!! Our local curry house actually asked my ww leader for hints on how to amke a ww curry for their menu! How good is that! So now I have that, but before I used to get chicken tikka pieces - just chicken breast in tikka powder so fairly low. with boiled rice with coriander in and then I'd ask them for a tomato based sauce on the side to dip sparingly - plus then you can have poppadums (1.5) and dips (.5 each for 1tsp of raita, mango chutney and red onion)

oh god, it's only half ten in the morning and now I want a curry!!!

Good luck - hope you and your pal dont have to do too much wrist slappinG! LOL!!!


starfish264 said...

I was thinking either tikka, like you say, or a rogan josh, plain rice, no naans, but I really like your idea of asking if I can have a tomato-ey dipping sauce. The restaurant we're going to is great - it's cheap and cheerful (and bring your own booze!), but everything is home-cooked and they're really helpful, so I'm sure they'd do they're best if I ask about that. And a salad on the side I think!

Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, I want a curry now too!

Enjoy it, I like W&W advice and will be using that myself at the weekend when faced with a similar dilemma.

Watching and Weighting said...

rogan josh=20 points :(


starfish264 said...

Eeeeeeek!!!! Thanks for the heads-up - I'd never have guessed it was that high!

Me thinks I need to do a bit of pre-dinner research ...

starfish264 said...

Eeeeeeek!!!! Thanks for the heads-up - I'd never have guessed it was that high!

Me thinks I need to do a bit of pre-dinner research ...

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You're right, not much in an Indian restaurant that's low-cal. Unlike you, I could eat everything on the menu.

Good luck reclaiming your mojo this week.