Monday, 31 August 2009

Post-holiday weigh in ... good grief!

Event: post-holiday weigh in
Emotion: ecstatic, and mildly disbelieving
Result: absolutely no gain what-so-ever

Yep - read it and weep. I had to step on the scales 4 times just to check the result. I was braced for another 4 lb gain, or worse, anything up to half a stone, and there it was - still my lowest weight to date!

This is fantastic - I've really enjoyed my holiday, so it feels like major progress to stay in control like this. I'm straight back on plan this morning - I've been excited to get home and back on plan for days now, and I feel so incredibly refreshed and re-motivated.


Joy said...

oh wow - fabulous stuff! Glad to gear you had a great time, no sacrifices necessary!!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...


Way to stick the landing, sister. That's an awesome accomplishment.

kate said...

nice one :)

Carlos said...

look at that vaca and no hangover!

Linz M said...

Good work! Sounds like you had a great holiday x