Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ladies what lunch

It was a good job I actually got up fairly early this morning, as there was a ring on our doorbell at 9am, and there was Bex stood outside ready to go shopping. When she said 9am last night after dinner, I thought she was joking, but apparently not.

Due to several hangovers being in evidence this morning (obviously not me, since I wasn't drinking last night) the pool party idea got binned as there simply wasn't enough collective energy available today to shift our asses over to Jon's parents' place. So us girlies reverted to our earlier plan of a chilled out shopping trip. Consequently, I am now a poorer person .... damn, damn, damn .... although I do have some pretty new things draped over the end of the bed.

Food management has gone well today, considering it was all completely unplanned. We had lunch out, sitting out in the courtyard at one of my favourite lunch establishments, but rather than go for one of their amazing, and truly enormous, hot sandwiches, I ordered soup with granary bread, and left the butter on the side. Just as well really, as when the sandwiches the others had ordered arrived, I realised that there is no way I'd have even known how to begin to point them up. Truthfully, I'd ordered soup because I was debating having a pudding, having a craving for an ice-cream sundae like you wouldn't believe (TOTM to blame for that one I'd guess), but I was full after the soup, so didn't bother ordering anything further.

The one good thing with shopping days is that you're getting in the exercise without realising it, as you stroll round from shop to shop for hours at a time. Since we were in town from 10am til at least 3pm - that's 5 hours. Deduct the half-hour time-out that was lunch - still 4.5 hours. Allow for copious amounts of faffing, and conservatively that's still about 2 hours at least of slow strolling round. Add a 20 mins stroll back from Bex's house on the way home (it was a nice afternoon and it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity for a bit more leg-stretching), and that's a nice 8.5 points of activity clocked up for the day!!! Bloody amazing how that works out!

We did grab an ice-cream cone each from Thorntons as we were leaving town - be rude not to really, but I could answer the "single, double or triple scoop?" question without having to think about it. Single, please. Maybe I'm learning.

I now have points banked again for the week, and I'm feeling comfortably full, and like I've had a little bit of everything I fancy today. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going out for another walk, up on the hills this time, and possibly stopping for lunch while we're out. It's been a really nice chilled out weekend so far, so there's only the guilt of too much money spent that brings me down - problem is, I keep running out of bloody clothes in the wardrobe!!


Kit said...

oooh I need to shop more!

Fat[free]Me said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

I am seriously so low on clothes it is a joke, but loathe to buy any more until I am a bit smaller, or I win the lottery, whichever comes first, lol.

Losing Waist! said...

YES! I have the bodybugg thingy, and what you said about shopping is true... you can really kick some calories around on your feet for that amount of time... so maybe we should all just quit the gym, and go shopping?!! Ha (if I only had the cash to "hit the mall" instead of hitting the gym)!

kate said...

just one scoop-well done! with this sun don't think i'd of had the will power ;)