Saturday, 22 August 2009

Croatia - day 4

Internet access, how I have missed thee!!!

Have spent the last couple of days absolutely roasting hot, here in Croatia -I feel likeI may never be cool again. Right now, I'm half here for the computer, and half for the AC - it's half 7 in the evening, and the temp has only just dropped back into the 20's.

We're currently staying in Dubrovnik, which is gorgeous, and have spent the past couple of days exploring. Walking the city walls yesterday in blistering 35 degree heat was an experience, so we keep jumping in the sea at every opportunity to cool off. We've been out to beautiful Lokrun island today - just alternately swimming and sun-bathing, and generally being lazy - well deserved after the amount of walking we did yesterday.

Tomorrow we pack camp and head to the next destination down the coast, which will be Split. We'll be stopping off at one of the National Parks on the way to explore the spectacular waterfalls at Krka.

I've been tracking my food and journalling, which seems to help me keep a bit of perspective. Food's been interesting as we have no way to keep anything cool, and until this afternoon we had no cooking gas either (and it's out fourth day now), but despite that it's not been so bad. I've been a bit over most days, as far as I can roughly calculate, but then I haven't added in any activity points to offset that. Mostly, I'm just following what Jo and Lissa eat, and let that be my guide.

Gotta jet off now - I'm getting a great tan, and loving the change of pace, scenery and climate. The only drama so far has been damn near missing the plane out - we had a puncture, and then got stuck in traffic and barely made it - arrived at Stanstead at 4.30, made check-in 1 min before it closed, and boarding was at 4.40 so we had to race across the whole airport to the furthest gate to make it - phew! Gives us a real appreciation of being here though, as we damn near weren't!

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