Saturday, 1 August 2009

Not the best day

It could have been worse, but it could also have most definitely been better. We've been out shopping today and as a result we've had both lunch and dinner out and I've clocked about 33 points I think - I have a daily allowance of 22. Ok, so I can probably deduct about 5 points off that if I factor in that I spent a couple of hours walking round the stores and bloody Ikea, but there were definitely things I could have done better.

Error 1 - I wanted a poached egg for breakfast this morning. Toast in, egg in ..... ah crap, I've fucked that right up, and the egg is a write-off. Another egg in, this time using one of those funny little silicon cups .... sunk - second egg written off (spot the fact that I'm still learning how to do poached eggs). By this time the toast has popped so rather than waste it, I eat it. Don't want to waste another egg, so I'll just grab a bowl of the home-made chunky soup I did yesterday evening. That's in to heat up - ah .... but wait! The second egg isn't lost - it's just taking ages to cook! Well, another slice of toast in then, but the soups already heating. Result - breakfast turns into a feast of two slices of toast with spread, one poached egg and a bowl of soup. Points used - about 8.

Error 2 - when friends turn up for shopping, they're chanting "Yo Sushi! Yo Sushi!". So I'm thinking that's lunch then. Too full to contemplate eating right now, but after a very delayed journey to get the mall (2 frickin' hours), we stop for late lunch and I'm thinking I can eat something now. It started well, and then went downhill when I grabbed a dessert. That and I've just got home to discover that chicken teriyaki is actually 7 points for that little dish - what???? Anyhoo, since I was planning on just having a bowl of soup for dinner when we get back - no worries.

Error 3 - we haven't gone home yet, after getting lost somewhere in a particularly dodgy area of Bristol, we're still at Ikea and it's dinner time, so we're staying to eat. Small victory in that I avoid both fresh cod and chips and meatballs, which both look great, in favour of a bowl of fresh tomato soup, no bread. Failure in that everyone grabbed pudding, and I'd picked up cheesecake before then realising further along that I could have had a pot of organic low-fat yoghurt instead. Too late now as already got cheesecake - I didn't eat all of it, but still smacking myself round the head for being too hasty!

I've also spent too much money on clothes for holidays - all in sales, and it's lush to be able to buy board shorts from Animal in a 16 that could shortly be on the loose side, and a size 14 dress from Monsoon (ok - so the back is elasticated and then it flares out - but that's not the point - it fits!), but I think I might have to do some judicious application of really looking at what I need and returning everything else. I just keep getting carried away.

Some good news - since I've been feeling a bit down about the fact I finished the month back where I started due to my holiday gain, I did a few quick measurements this morning, and I've actually lost another inch from around my belly since last month which is great.

And then the serious stuff. I realised this morning how much you guys have invaded my life since I started blogging and following what you're all up to. I might never have met you, I might never do so, but by showing me your vulnerabilities daily I feel like I know you so well in such a short time. I therefore shed genuine tears for Jen this morning, upon reading the awful news that her mum had been killed by a car yesterday. Such a horrible thing to have someone snatched away from you so suddenly like that. It was different with my mum, as she was ill over such a long period of time - an entirely different grief to have to bear, but the end result is still the same. Someone you depend on so much is gone, and there's truly a hole left where they were.

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