Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Comrades! I don't know if it was all your lovely supportive posts earlier today, or the fear / excitement motivator of possibly joining a proper running club, but I totally found my running mojo today. I cracked the 20 min barrier. I also cracked 25 mins while I was at it. I believe my run took me somewhere in the vicinity of 28 mins without stopping.


As you can tell, I am much pleased by this result, nay, I would even say smugly satisfied. I made a route I'd done before new by doing it in reverse (which made for a rather unpleasant 5 mins or so running solidly up hill in the middle, but hey-ho), paced myself, distracted myself with continuous stream-of-consciousness mental dialogue and just kept chugging along.

The only depressing this is that when I got back and checked on my route mapping software, I'd still only covered 3.5km in the time, which is an abysmally slow pace, but know what? I won't be disappointed! One thing at a time. Endurance first, and then when I've got to a reasonable level of that, I'll work on the speed issue. For now I'm just happy. And starving!!!! Must go eat before my stomach digests itself!!


Fat[free]Me said...

That is fantastic! Well done you - who cares about the speed at this stage, that can come later. Remember, snails overtake me on my runs, lol.

And thanks to you, I have found a local running club that uses indoor running tracks in the winter and runs a lot in my area. Not sure about joining yet, but just knowing they are there is a revelation!

Keep up the great running - you can do it!

kate said...

stick at it! don't worry about the distance, particularly as you're running up hill too

Carlos said...

you rock... so motivational!

Watching and Weighting said...


Get IN!!! xxxx