Thursday, 13 August 2009

Zero mud, but much stew

Picture this: I'm all excited (if a little nervous) about going along to the first group run last night. I'm in work at 10 to 8 in the morning, so I can leave early at 20 past 4, go sort my food shopping on the way home, get changed and head out to the rendezvous for 7pm.

Now picture this: It's half past 6 in the evening and I still sat in the bloody office, tearing my hair out at the work I'm trying to do, and feeling like a miserable, grumpy old git because I now know it's too late for me to make it to running.

So there you go - de nada on the running front last night, and in fact, absolutely zero exercise at all last night. Not happy. Not happy at all.

I did at least just about manage to get the food shopping sorted before the supermarket closed, which was good, and I actually ran into the boys from next door whilst I was there. Cue lots of silly waving as we kept passing each other going in opposite directions, racing trolleys down the aisles and them trying to annoy me by hovering, looking over my shoulder, commenting on my shopping whilst I'm packing.

After the yummy-ness of yesterday's sushi lunch, I got a bit experimental in the kitchen last night and attempted a lamb casserole / stew. Oh. My. God. It was (is) soooooooo good. Diced lamb leg, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, fresh rosemary - I completely winged it, but it worked so well, and I'm sitting it eating for lunch too, as we speak. And only 5 points - bonus!!! Definitely doing that one again!

Everything's back to normal tonight. Body combat class, to earn some points and a much-needed vent of aggression, and I might go out for a bike ride or walk on the hills tomorrow afternoon after work. I feel I need some more fresh air this week!

The scales are still pinging around all over the place, so I have no real idea how this week's going at the mo. I am finding though that I've developed a complete disconnect between what size I think I am, and the clothes I wear. Let me explain. I know that I have lost weight. I can see that my body shape has changed. I know that label-wise I wear smaller clothes. But when I look at my clothes, I think good god - how does my ass actually fit in that??? My clothes look so small, and I can't associate them with me, if that makes sense.

Take my jeans for example - size 16 flares that I bought from Next, and probably the smallest of the trousers I currently own. They are hanging on the door drying, and when I look at them the waist looks ... well, just plain small. So in my head, I think that if I can get them on, they must at least fit with a massive muffin-top rolling out of the waist band. But no - when I put them on, they fit just fine. I think my brain's taking a while to catch up with me.

My new thing I'm trying to do this week? Bin the negative thinking. Kick it to the curb. I'm an absolute bugger for mentally talking myself down, and whether or not positive thinking really, really has an affect on our lives, negative thinking is certainly not going to make me feel any better. So, whatever I'm negative thinking about - I'm going to stop it. Not try and stop it, but actually stop it. I want to spend less time wallowing in my own self-pity, when things don't go my way.


Linz M said...

Oh that sucks about running. Work is a right bugger for getting in the way!

I am prone to a bit of self pity myself, so well done on banishing the negative thoughts. PMA and all that malarkey :)

Carlos said...

I totally agree about the damage negative thinking can have on progress. Good for you!

Fat[free]Me said...

Shame you missed out on the running group because of work - seriously work really does cause us to get fat. Why haven't scientists realised this yet? Can I get a grant to study this (I promise not to spend it on expensive holidays).

And, I am with you on the body size confusion thing. It took me weeks to pick up that pair of size 16s at the shop because they looked impossibly small. Seriously, it does take our heads a while to catch up, doesn't it?