Thursday, 6 August 2009

Running news

Hey hey guys!

How goes it this morning??

I got a reply from Jenny, who runs the novice run with the local group - she was very welcoming, and said she thought I'd enjoy their group. They run about 5k over the course of an hour every Wednesday at 7, and I'm going along next Wednesday to join them. I'm really looking forward to it, because they don't always run actually in Malvern, which means some runs will be flatter and some hillier - at the moment I've always got the hills to contend with somewhere along the line which is .... interesting. Also they run lanes and cross-country during the spring / summer / autumn which will be awesome, and only come into town under the streetlights during the winter nights.

I also behaved at the girls night. For one, I walked up - it's not far, only 10-15 mins away but it's a chance to stretch my legs, and it was a gorgeous evening (something I hadn't appreciated much earlier when I was running, it was warm, there was no breeze, and there were a million insects contesting with each other to be the one to zoom into my mouth and eyes at random!). Also one of the girls (bride to be in 9 weeks) had bought a massive bowl of fresh strawberries with her, which was something I could safely pick on at random , whilst ignoring the massive array of chocolate and flapjack based things. I did eat something else - wait for it - I had 2 Weight Watchers chocolate biscuits. My flatmate had rocked up with a box of them, and since dinner had come to fewer points than I thought it would, I felt safe having one of the individually wrapped packs of 2. All in all, a success!

I'm still on track this morning, and the scales have now retreated back down past Monday's WI weight. And someones just put a load of pots of mini chocolate bites opposite my desk, right in my eye-line. You know what? Not. Interested. I had a low-fat muffin earlier (I went to the dentist this morning and needed something to take the taste and smell of tooth dust away - ack, ack, ack!!!!) and it's totally killed my craving for anything more that's sweet for now.

Body Combat this evening - love it, and looking forward to it!

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Rapunzel said...

You did a great job avoiding all that bad stuff! Kudos to you!!