Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Going strong

I'm feeling good this week - really strong.

I've eaten well today and yesterday, and I'm easily sticking to my points, while eating fresh and tasty food. I worked out last night and worked hard. I did spinning, and then jumped on the treadmill for a 10 min run. My running's been lacking the last couple of weeks, and I'm never going to break through that 20 min barrier of pain and lethargy if I don't work at it regularly, so I'm starting to reintroduce short little runs into my week.

I did 15 mins on the treadmill last week at the gym, and 10 after spinning last night - I had a bit of jelly-leg syndrome having just come off a hard 45 mins on the bike, but it was good to work through it and I felt better for it. I find now that my breathing stays fairly easy while I'm running - long, deep breaths rather than short, snatched ones, and it's my legs that give out first. When I can distract myself properly then I just settle into a fairly effortless rhythm without thinking about it too much - I just haven't figured out what the key to that distraction is yet! But I recover quickly now - when I slowed to a cool-down walk, my pulse dropped from it's working rate of 166 to down in the 120's in the two mins I was monitoring it on the machine and was still dropping steadily as I stepped off. I'd love to know what my full resting heart rate is these days, as it was always really rapid, and I bet it's slowed a bit now.

I'm going to head out for a 20-25 mins road run tomorrow night, and then I vow that I will not balls it all up eating snack-y things at tomorrow's girls night. That's the only social thing I've got this week where I might trip up, and I want to make this a good week. Jack Sh!t was talking about the perfect week the other day, and while I won't be perfect this week, I want to be good, or better than good.

Two of my girlfriends have decided to do the Special K diet for two weeks until holiday. My next door neighbour is going on an extreme regime designed to whip military reservists into shape within 3 months. I pity them really, for not knowing, or accepting, that moderation is the only real key to this whole thing. So while they suffer, and toil, crave what they can't have, and ride out the sugar highes and lows, I'll take the middle road and be smug that I'm finally enlightened. That I discovered the secret, and it turned out it was no secret at all - just a bit of common sense. Allow me my moment of smugness, dear readers, because you just know I'll trip up sooner or later, and have to pick myself up again :O)


anne h said...

I try to take the middle ground, too. It's slower, but it seems more "real" to me.

Fat[free]Me said...

Yeah, middle road for me too - at least we know it will stay off and we are learning how to stay healthy in the long run. I don't really like Special K - poor them!

kate said...

wow, i didn't think anyone actually believed that special k rubbish!

have a good run tonight :)

Joanne said...

Middle Road for me too, every time.
I am tired jsut reading your exercise regime, well done you!