Sunday, 2 August 2009

Detox and stocking up

I've chosen to do something today which isn't entirely advocated by Weight Watchers - I'm having a bit of a super low points day so I can do a bit of catching up on my points deficit for the week. Be assured, my lovely readers, that I'm doing this in the healthiest possible way though.

I've had a bowl of cereal with skimmed milk for breakfast, a small cereal bar mid-morning, home-made soup for lunch followed by half a punnet of raspberries and a low point yoghurt and finally an apple and a biscuit mid-afternoon. We're eating out tonight, but I'm sticking to soup and bread, no butter, and we're walking to and from the pub. By walking, what I mean is a 40 minute hike up and over the hills in each direction.

All of that means that I'll have about 8 points left for the day, plus about 4.5 activity points earned, meaning I'll have nicely deleted my week's deficit. Of course, my online points tracker won't show that because it won't let me save more than 4 points a day, but I'll be happy in the knowledge that I've eaten well (and plentifully) while giving my body a bit of a respite from all the dessert yesterday.

Tomorrow's weigh in will also mark the passing of week completely alcohol-free which was my gift to myself after the week long debauchery in Scotland - thought my liver could maybe do with a bit of a break!

I've spent this afternoon buying bits of kit I need for Croatia. I've picked up some ultra-lightweight convertible walking trousers (you know the sort that roll up or zip off at all sorts of different lengths) and a new day bag for walking and exploring. I have to say that these are the times I really notice the benefit of being slimmer as I don't have the horrible struggle to try and find stuff to fit - I even get a choice of labels!! Sometimes the simple things in life are good. :O)


Linz M said...

I think I maybe need to follow in your footsteps, I am having a bad week points wise for no good reason. A super low day may be in order tomorrow.

Very jealous of your trip to Croatia, its absolutely beautiful out there. You'll have a fab time :)


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

There's nothing wrong with overcompensating every once in awhile. For God sakes, we all undercompensate enough...

Fat[free]Me said...

I love those zippy trousers, can hardly wait to be small enough to buy a pair!

I occasionally have a detox day and it does me the world of good. Hmmm, reminds me, haven't done for a while...

Impressed with: a) walk to and from pub and b) alcohol free week!