Monday, 31 August 2009

Back to it

Had a lazy day today, and sooooo not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Have restocked the fridge with all kinds of colourful vegetably / fruity goodness - mmmm, can't wait to get stuck into that lot. Bought a cook book devoted to healthy, organic, and amzing baking. This is a skill I will master - I might just have to feed most of the cake to other people! Also got prodded by my next door neighbour until I got off his sofa and went out for a run with him. Just over 5km, 30 mins, and only 1 stop - which to be quite fair to me was a stop to stretch after running the first 10 mins straight up hill. Good times. Or a good time, I should say - I'm bloody proud of that time - especially after nearly 2 weeks without any serious form of cardio.

Going next door to eat pasta now, and vegetate on the sofa for a bit .... the pile of laundry and unpacking remains as high as ever and is clearly not going to be sorted today!


Black Kitten said...

Sounds like a great run! 5k in 30 minutes after 2 weeks of not doing much is awesome =D

kate said...

do you live in an episode of 'friends'? ;)
...good running

starfish264 said...

heee hee - not exactly Friends, more like extended student living I think! It just happens that 2 of my best mates live in the flat right next door to me, and another friend lives in the one just downstairs. I'm frequently to be seen wandering between flats in my pyjamas and slippers lol