Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Just another day

A solid start to today. Cereal for breakfast, healthy sandwich and yoghurt for lunch. And something with lots of veg for tea tonight - think there's salmon defrosting in the fridge.

I'd quite like to go for a swim tonight, but not sure if my swimsuit still fits me. Jo said I should just wear my bikini instead ..... are you kidding me??? To the gym??? Where I actually know people???? Errrr .... let me think about that ..... no. Freaking. Way. I might have exposed my pale and pasty wobbly bits on a beach on holiday but there is no way I'm putting them on display at my gym where people are freakishly toned and fit. Or not anytime soon anyway. I do need to swing by and sign up for the Biggest Loser challenge though. And my classes for next week.

I actually went to buy a new swimsuit yesterday, but being August, there were, of course, no swimsuits to be seen .... I mean god forbid that we should want beachwear in summer ... that's ridiculous! Instead I came back with a new shirt, a long vest that will double as a (very short) dress for the beach in November and a skirt for work. Glad to see I was focused on what I was meant to be doing as always!

Running club is tomorrow night - I need to look up where they're meeting and finally try and get my ass out to join them. I'm feeling a tad tight after yesterday's run, despite an extended stretching session afterwards, but I want to have a crack at it.

Actually, talking of running - I've got a question and wondering if anyone has any advice. The last couple of times I've run, I've had a nagging tightness that seems to be just behind the top of my hip bones. It's slightly worse on the right hand side, and whilst it's not actually painful, it's a bit uncomfortable. If it was on the left around my rib-cage, I'd say it felt like a mild stitch, but it's not. Does anyone know what this might be, and if there's any exercises or stretches I can do to help it?

Oh, and I also realised when I filled in my weight tracker, that in fact I didn't stay the same on holiday - I lost half a pound. Shame. :o)

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kate said...

could still be a stitch even if it's on the right, have you tried breathing out when the foot opposite the pain hits the ground.

or does it happen when you get tired and your gait and posture becomes poor?