Friday, 18 September 2009

I blew it!

Oh god - can't believe this. More precisely, my brand new, sparkly iPhone blew it for me. The honeymoon period is officially over.

After being the jammiest git ever, I skipped the whole queue and landed an NHS physio appt for this morning at 10.45. I set my alarm for 9.30 - woke up, did a few of my pyhsio stretches, had a leisurely shower, got a healthy breakfast and sat down to check my emails while I ate.

I glanced at the clock on my laptop: 11.01.


Grabbed my watch to double-check: just after 11.

Grabbed my iPhone - 10.02.

WTF again?????

My freaking iPhone had reset itself to fucking Reykjavik local time sometime in the last 24 hours, and so was an hour behind.

Long story short - I've missed my appointment and they're super-pissed with me. I rang immediately to apologise and explain, and they're still super-pissed with me, and sounded distinctly like they thought I'd done it deliberately. There are no more appointments. In fact, I'm probably now so far down the list of appointments there are people with toe-sprains probably ahead of me. I asked about making a new appointment - they will notify me when something becomes available.

Which will be a couple of weeks.

Or possibly never.



Broken YoYo said...


I'm so going to send this post to my boyfriend... he's just bought an iPhone (after convincing me last year that the blackberry pearl was the way forward) and is ranting and raving on about it too

personally, can't stand the thing, can't type on it for one - my thumbs are too fat!!

I like the idea of apps and web pages you can actually view but the rest of it, including the size, pisses me off hugely!

sorry you missed your appt, that is seriously crap, I know how moody these health professionals can be!

hope you get another one soon!

Rapunzel said...

Oh, no! I am sticking by my ruby red Blackberry Pearl, so far she has never let me down.

Carlos said...

stupid iphones! and time zones and appointments... i could go on forever

donnyprincess said...

Oh no!
It's so annoying when that happens! Hospitals get so mad when u miss appts as well - the receptionists in the physio dept where I go are right rude and give u dirty looks if your like 1 second late - then they make you wait for twenty minutes anyway! Lol

My Fat To Thin Journey said...

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