Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I ate all the pie!

God, I ate a lot yesterday. I kept feeling hungry, but by the end I just felt ridiculously over-full. I still haven't got the hang of stopping when I'm full, as I well and truly proved to myself at dinner last night.

Ok - backtrack a little. First day back at work yesterday, and I got a bit stressed out, but food was fine. Injuries were all feeling markedly better too, so I stopped at the supermarket on the way home to do a full shop and properly restock the cupboards. Hmmm ... maybe I'm not quite as healed as I thought, because by the time I'd trawled around the whole supermarket, I was starting to feel really tired and achey and couldn't wait just to get home. By the time I'd lugged my shopping up to the flat, my ankle and foot were starting to cramp and I got a sharp pain whenever I tried to lean forward with any weight on the foot - not so good.

I was absolutely starving by the time I got in, but I was really craving butternut squash risotto, so made the time to cook it anyway, rather than just doing something quick. Classic hungry person error - because I'd been feeling so empty whilst I was shopping I'd decided that I needed a bread roll to go with my risotto to fill me up - I'll just say it now - I soooooo didn't. I should know this by now - the hungrier I am when I eat, the quicker I fill up, but I just can't seem to get my head round that!

Anyway, to stop me snacking whilst I waited for dinner, I decided to be a multi-tasking domestic goddess, and bake me some American Vanilla Cupcakes from my new baking book. Had a moment of minor stress when I realised that I'd forgotten two ingredients, but luckily I'd also spotted the boys next door heading into the supermarket just as I left, so one quick phone call to them soon remedied that!

So get me being organised - get risotto started, and put all the shopping away while the veg roast. Risotto out, rice and liquids added and put back into to bake for the second half, get cupcake mix put together and doled out into the cases. Risotto out and sitting, cupcakes in, risotto served and eaten whilst cupcakes bake. Cupcakes out to cool, and whip up the icing, which can then go straight on the now-cooled cakes - masterly, I tell you!!!

I am so proud of my little cakes!! Ok, so they're not the smoothest glossiest things ever, and maybe they're something only a mother could love, but I've never baked cupcakes before, so I was super excited. And best thing ever is, because they're from the healthy book - 2.5pts a cake - GET. IN.

Back to my eating issues - I totally overate at dinner, and have no idea why I didn't stop. So silly - I need to get more conscious with my eating. Normally, I'm quite a slow eater, and pay attention and savour each mouthful, but I feel like I was just shoving food in my mouth last night, and I just kept going til it was gone.
And of course - I had to try a cupcake too! I took two each round for the boys, plus one for me. All the others are boxed up in the fridge - 4 to bring into work tomorrow, because I've been told off for not bringing them in for friends to try today, and a couple more for me.
So, I was 3 points over yesterday, and although the food was all nice, I didn't feel good after eating so much. I'm going to hang on to that feeling for next time.
This morning, all my aches from circuits on Sunday seem to have caught up with me. My ankle was still a bit sore too, but seems to be easing up as the day goes on, while all my other muscles seem to protest more and more with gym-soreness. I'll let you in on a little secret though - I like the gym-soreness! It's a different kind of discomfort - I've earned it and it's kind of satisfying.
I'm supposed to be attending session 2 tonight, and I'm in a conundrum. I know that tonight's session 9-10pm will be cardio only. I don't know what though, and I don't know how my injuries will react to that, where they coped with resistance and strength training. On the other hand, I don't want to just chicken out without even trying. But there's a temptation too, as there's also a speed-dating evening on locally, and my friends and I have been saying we'll go to one forever. But then I started this challenge saying I'd commit to it, make no excuses and see it through 100%. It feels like not going would be using my injury as an excuse, when there would surely be some alternative form of cardio I could be doing, even if I can't be joining the main session. I don't want to be a quitter. I'm paying for this challenge. I haven't quit the healthy eating, so I shouldn't quit this either.
Oh, and as expected, the scales bounced slightly this morning. No big thing, as I was fully expecting them to - seems to be a weekly pattern with me! One thing I did notice looking at my weight loss graphs though (yes, I am a horrendous geek - I fully admit that!) - I've never had longer than a 5 week stretch of straight losing, before I gain or STS. I had one 5 week stretch, and 2 x 4 week runs, but other than that it's bobbled up and down. So here's a little challenge. I've lost for the last 4 weeks in a row. Can I make it 5? Can I make it 6? Worthy of a challenge do you think?


kate said...

i love reading your blog-it's so honest and funny. stick with the program :)

Linz M said...

Just been catching up - sounds like you've been having a pretty awful time of it of late with your back and hip. Hope you are feeling better now - I can slightly empathise having suffered with my shoulder for years, but nothing of that scale!

You look fab in the green dress as well - I know its expensive, but seriously, I'd keep it - you look great!!

Thanks as well for the tip of writing everything down while I was away - really helped me focus. Fingers crossed the scales don't hurt me too much tomorrow!