Saturday, 19 September 2009

Food overload

Just a quick post - I'm very sorry to report, that although I kind of stuck to my plan today, somehow it went a bit horribly wrong, and now I'm on the guilty wrong end of feeling like I've scoffed too much food and messed up.

Firstly - I completely mis-remembered how many points were in the chai latte at the coffee shop this afternoon - got confused with the Starbucks points I think, so underpointed there. Then when we went to dinner, I was good and didn't order a starter. Unfortunately, the girls did and insisted I share it, and it was more than my willpower could do to resist it - so I consumed several slices of their garlic bread.

My planned perfect pointing, turned out a little less than perfect, and I suspect it will show on the scales tomorrow. Somehow 31 points instead of 22. Just in time for the weigh in for the start of the gym challenge, and to sit there staring me in the face on the last day of the food diary which I've got to hand over to the nutritionist for scrutiny tomorrow.

Oh joy.

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