Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Weigh in

I'm feeling a little more sane this week. I'm back on track - 2 good days in the bag, and after circuits on Sunday, I managed to make it to spin last night. I didn't go at it full pelt like I usually would, but I found I could do most things without aggravating my various injuries too much.

Even so, weigh in yesterday showed a small gain of 0.5lb. Pretty much the smallest gain I could have had, but a gain none the less - can't escape the scales when you've been over-eating pretty much 6 days out of 7 of the previous week. It did occur to me yesterday to check my diary though, which partially explained last week's temporary food insanity - I must have PMS'd my way through the latter half of the week without realising it, which multiplied the effect of my doom-and-gloom over everything else. Ah well - as I say - normal service has now been resumed.

I've also decided to bite the bullet and book some private physio again. I've got less than 6 weeks before windsurfing, which will be a pretty rough week on my body, so I need to get myself sorted out, and clearly waiting for the NHS to forgive me for missing an appt (through no fault of my own) and give me another one is not going to work. That and the fact that I'm still eating painkillers like their candy, and I'd quite like to have a stomach-lining left when I get old and disgraceful!


Fat[free]Me said...

Drat on the gain, but at least you know why and hopefully it will come off again pretty darn quickly. Good idea about the private physio - the NHS are going to keep you waiting now, lol!

Linz M said...

That's not so bad, you can get that off again pretty sharpish.

I had private physio on my shoulder and it was the best thing I did. Got seen a lot quicker than I would have done on the NHS. Worth the cash I'd say.

kate said...

i have exactly the same issues with eating/pmt but every time seem to 'forget' and think everything is wrong and seek solace in biscuits. why does my mind trick me every time???

go private (if you can) and get it sorted before it terns into a long term problem.

Tricia said...

Ooohh...I've been wanting to try a spinning class. I have a gym membership and have to admit I rarely use it. I tend to like getting exercise outdoors, but I've been trying to get myself to at lease take advantage of the classes offered.

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog by the way. I'll have to try out the Nike capris. I wear a kind of stretchy capri now and it does have a wide waist band, but it must be a cheap brand or something because they don't stand up to running.