Monday, 7 September 2009

Holiday Snaps!

Well, I did promise some holiday pics, and I've finally got round to posting some up. I'm going to try and put some of the scenery ones up on my other blog at some point.

Exhibit 1 - the great celebration that we actually made the damn flight! A well-deserved drink after the absolute trauma of nearly missing our plane!

Messing around in camp after a day at the beach in Biograd.

Playing around in the water showing how elegant we are! Oh well, ok, just playing around in the water somewhere random on the coast where we've stopped for a swim because we're too damn hot!

Believe it or not, this shot wasn't staged - I'd just dried off after the swim above and was smugly admiring the scenery when Li papped me.

On one of our last nights on holiday - walking along the beach to Biograd town for dinner

Looking thoughtful, somewhere in Croatia!

Playing around doing starfish impressions off the island of Lokrun - we had the whole beach to ourselves apart from about a million cicadas and a couple of peacocks.

Daft pictures whilst exploring Trogir.

Looking moody in Krka National Park - probably because I've just had to walk up the steepest slope ever and am no longer cool from my swim in the waterfalls at the bottom.

Walking along the promenade at Zadar with Jo on our last night of the holiday.

So there you go - sun, sillyness, moody shots and proof that I did in fact wear a bikini!


Jaframity said...

Brilliant, happy, carefree pictures. Thanks for the cheer-up. I'm deeply envious.
*I wanna holiday!*

Ali said...

How inviting does that water look??

mmm I know where I'd rather be!

Carlos said...

awesome pics looks like a great time was had