Sunday, 13 September 2009

My own personal hell

So 3 days in and no sign of improvement. The constant ibuprofen don't seem to be doing anything to either bring the swelling down or relieve the pain, as I still have continuous aches in my hip and ankle, sharp stabbing pains in muscles and joints when I move, and standing straight, never mind walking, are completely beyond me.

I think I need to go back and see the doctor again, except I'm not sure I'll be able to walk the required distance to the surgery from the car, even once I've got my dad to drive me down there, so I'm unsure what to do.

Being trapped in the house is driving me absolutely nuts. Being bored and lonely, I just keep dwelling on how bad I'm feeling.

On the other hand, my friends have really pulled through for me - Amanda and Steve popped round yesterday to check on me, and cleaned my entire kitchen and took out the rubbish for me. Today my friend Bec has been to Waitrose, bought me essentials plus nice lunch and kept me company, despite my grumpiness, for several hours. A and S have also just been back up to check on me again.

I've spoken to NHS Direct, and my own surgery's out of hours emergency service, who have said that it's not normal that I'm not responding to treatment yet. I've been given advice to tide me over to tomorrow, but been told to get my ass back to the doctors tomorrow to get it re-looked at .... well, at least I know I'm not just a wuss and totally paranoid.

Eating-wise, I'm keeping it real. To be honest, my appetite has really started to desert me over the last couple of days so I'm now just eating because it's meal-times. So there's good and bad in everything I suppose. At the moment, it looks like I'm going to clock a good loss this week, but how much of that will be genuine loss, I have no idea.

Finger's crossed for some kind of good news, or at least stronger, more effective meds, from the doctors tomorrow. Because I've about had it with this crap!


Losing Waist! said...

This all sounds so terrible. I am impressed that you are keeping the eating thing under control (sometimes that is all we have control over). I hope that you get some answers and solutions soon... !

Anonymous said...

Please get back to the Dr. and have it looked at. you're in my thoughts and hope today goes better than yesterday. Don't be so hard on yourself. Healing takes time and most of all patience.

starfish264 said...

I've organised for my dad to take me down to see the doctor first thing in the morning. I'm cursing myself a bit as I should have asked more questions the first time, but never mind, can do that tomorrow.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Injuries can really throw you off track. Hope you can get some help for the hurtin' soon.