Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My back and I are no longer friends

I gave up on work round about lunchtime, and slunk off home. Well, hobbled really. I even struggled to carry my laptop, which really says to me that I shouldn't have bothered bringing the damn thing home.

So now I'm popping Diazepam and heat pads and waiting for the damn thing to unkink itself. I'm trying very hard not to pity-eat - so far so good. I'm experimenting in the kitchen instead - since pottering around seems to help my back from siezing. I've got the beginnings of a butternut squash risotto in the oven, and I'm determindely not looking at the bottle of wine that I've just got out for cooking purposes. If not for no other reason than I'm not supposed to mix the pain pills with booze. Probably just as well as a big glass of wine so cold it's sweating on the countertop looks like heaven right now. Which would probably be followed by me cracking open the other full bottle in the fridge, and most likely the ice-cream after that. I'm so not good with the self-pity!

Instead, I'm snacking on a WW's cookie and watching lots of tv - good job I've got a shit-load of good shows just sitting recorded waiting for a rainy day. So far this afternoon I've polished off 3 episodes of True Blood, which brings me up to date, and some Supernatural. Might switch to 90210 next.

If my back doesn't improve I'm sacking off work tomorrow and staying home - no point driving in again and just feeling miserable all day.

More anon, lovely people. Mwah.

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Fat[free]Me said...

I am glad you went home and got a decent pain pill. Yeah, stop at home tomorrow, that just might do the trick!