Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sticking on plan

New meds = slightly different aches and pains, but on the whole better. I think I slept further into the night last night, but then woke up feeling totally achy in the early hours. The difference was that this was straight forward aches and not the sharp pains I've been having, so I'm going to take that as an improvement. I thought I was going to hurt when I got up this morning, but actually not so bad, and, dare I say it, my posture seems a bit improved. Baby steps.

My eating's going fine. I guess having to fill in 2 separate trackers makes you super conscious of just what you're sticking in your gob. All the stuff I've been given remains in the fridge (or bizarrely in my handbag - probably should move the Kit Kat to the fridge!). It just doesn't tempt me the way it would have done before. Maybe I'm tempting fate by saying that, and I'm going to get the most enormous cravings in about 10 mins, but for the moment that's true. I guess by the time you've got a streak of good controlled eating built up, there's more and more reason to keep it going.

After all, I have everything I need - I just get it in moderation. I've had Chinese takeaway - but I always split it in half and have some for dinner and some for lunch or something the next day, and that way it doesn't seem to overdose me on salt and MSG the same way. I've had Ben and Jerrys - but I have the frozen yoghurt and I strictly dish it out in a 60g portion, as I now know it's so rich that that is enough to give me the taste and kill the craving. I've had cake, and pre-portioned it and rationed it. I've also had tons of fresh veggies and grilled meat or oven baked fish. I eat less carbs, and what I do have are a far higher proportion of either fresh natural stuff like potato or sweet potato, or wholewheat like couscous. Most of all, I enjoy what I eat.

My fellow Healthy 2009 challenger, Jo, has just signed up for a 10k race on 4 October. Well, actually her housemate, Lissa, signed her up for it, so she couldn't back out. Jo wanted to know if I'd do it with her, but there's no chance I can - even if I wasn't injured it would be a hell of a push to go from running 5k to 10k in about 2 weeks. I would have liked to have run a 5k the same weekend though to keep her company. Doubt I can even do that, but I can be there with her on the day, cheering her on with Lissa - we're going to make banners and everything!!!

Right - I'd better go ring the physio now, and see what they want me to do!



Watching and Weighting said...

lovely to hear you sounding more positive lady! HURRAH! Such restraint with the Ben and Jerry's - inspirational!!!

May you continue to heal, and fast!

lotsa love xxxx

Carlos said...

wow love your portion control ninja like moves... keep it up!