Friday, 4 September 2009

Death by Combat

I would just like to say, that if anyone is looking for a way to make their Body Combat class more intense and more of an ass-kicking - just swim 70 lengths of the pool the night before - it seems to work a charm!!! Good god, I was knackered afterwards - arms and legs like lead!

I was pretty damn good with the food yesterday - the TOTM sugar cravings are fading, and I'm back in control. With the exercise yesterday, I'm only 1 point down for the week now - whoop!

It also turns out that there is much to be said for being a long-term, favoured member of the gym, not to mention a persistent bugger to boot. I saw a poster at the gym yesterday saying that there were still places available on the first session of the Biggest Loser challenge, even though I'd been told it was full. So I hunted down the instructor in question and he said it was full, but he wanted to try and squeeze me in, since I couldn't do the later session in November. There's a lady who signed up who he hasn't heard from for a couple of weeks, so she's got til Monday to reappear and then she's bumped and I'm in - wooohooooo!!!! Let us all pray that she has swine flu and I'm in. (Yes, yes, I know that that's entirely selfish, but damn it, God, you OWE me this one!!!).

Please tell me you don't all hate me for wanting it this much!

So far this week the Scale Gods are being pretty kind - I'm seeing some interesting numbers, which I'm really hoping will either stick or drop some more for Monday .... ooooh - is this new territory I'm venturing into??? Is it??? Oh, yes, I think it might be!

Generally, I feeling nauseatingly good at the moment - I feel super confident (and wore an obscenely short skirt to the pub last night to prove it - my legs are looking better and better!). My friends gave me a severe talking to on holiday about my self-confidence and I think some of it stuck!

Got a nice quiet weekend ahead. Going on a girly day trip tomorrow to lovely Hay-on-Wye for some book and boutique shopping. Last time I went, I was a bit self-conscious that all the boutiques didn't go up to my size - it's going to be very different this time! Other than that, most folks are away this weekend, so I'm having a quiet one catching up on my unpacking, cleaning, tidying, washing and all the other boring crap of day-to-day life. I might bake too. And sleep, lots of lovely sleep.


Galaxy6139 said...

hehe, take it easy ^^ If you she got the swine flu, maybe you would be infected from her, hehe

starfish264 said...

Don;t laugh - I've been so knackered recently that I've actually found myself hoping I'd get flu just so I'd have a decent excuse to stay home in bed and not do anything for 5 days!

Desperate measures!