Thursday, 3 September 2009

Swimming and popcorn

I would firstly like to say that popcorn is like crack cocaine: once you start on a bag, there is no way in hell you can stop. Well, I can't anyway. (And for the record, I'm making assumptions on the crack cocaine front ... my experience being zero in that department!) Anyhoo - mistake made, lesson learned - eating a "bit" of popcorn is not healthier than just having the damn chocolate bar - especially if you're incapable of stopping at a "bit".

Running - let's face it - it was pissing down cats and dogs last night, and while I did seriously consider going for a run, either with the club or on my own, it was just impractical. I'd have been cold and miserable within about 10 mins. So I did the other thing I said I would this week - dug out my swimming costume, purchased some new goggles since I couldn't find my old ones anywhere, and went for a swim. 70 lengths later I felt better. Considering I haven't been swimming in well over a year, with the exception of swimming my ass back to my windsurfer when I've fallen off, I was pretty chuffed with my 70 lengths in just under an hour. 1.75km in distance, doing sets of 4 lengths front crawl, 4 lengths back crawl. I'll try and incorporate that into my regular selection of exercise I think - I'm definitely feeling it a bit in my arms this morning so I'm sure it did some good.

I popped upstairs to the gym when I went swimming and booked my classes for next week, so I've got zero excuses for not doing stuff - Combat tonight and spinning on Monday. I bumped into my spin instructor on the way up who complimented me, saying I was looking really good. *Grin*.

On the downside - the Biggest Loser challenge filled up while I was on holiday and has no spaces left .... nooooooooooooooo! Don't you hate that?? You're umming and ahhhing over whether to do something, and when you finally decide to, you can't. Gut. Ted. The guy behind the counter helpfully suggested that I could do the session after the current one, but that starts the first week in November, when I'm away on holiday and runs into December - what would be the point? I wanted this as a motivation for holiday, not afterwards. Hey ho - I'm still motivated to do this on my own. It's annoying, but it's not the end of the world.

So, in summary - food wasn't too bad yesterday, other than the cock up with the popcorn. I'm a few points over for the week now, but I've still got more exercise to do and more days to pull it back. I'm loving the exercise right now, too. It's so nice to get back into it after a break away - just got to keep it interesting and mixed up now. Oh, and it was nice how much more confident I felt in my swimming cossie last night. Yeah, so there was loads of guys in their twenties at the pool last night - was I bothered? Nah - I've got nothing to be ashamed of.


Watching and Weighting said...

Rockin the confidence!!! Way to go!

I too have a popcorn habit akin to to steer clear! Have you tried the new ww popcorn? salty. not good.

you're doing sooooo amazing - seriously tho dude, what is UP with this bollocks weather? Apaprently we no longer have seasons.....bloody UK

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

bloody hell your weight loss has been awesome! well done you :)
i'm very impressed. I have an aim of losing a stone by October but so far i've only managed 2 lbs; wine & real ale is my problem.