Thursday, 10 September 2009

Nose back to the grindstone

Having gone a little bit stir-crazy after being confined to the house for 2 days (and pretty much confined to the bed / sofa at that), I've hauled ass back to the office today. Not 100% better, and a lot of the ache has now transferred down to my left leg, but at least I'm (almost) capable of standing straight today and my hips are no longer freakily kicked out of alignment by the muscle spasm.

I would love to say that my eating was all good again yesterday, but honestly, I splurged slightly in the evening. Everything up to and including dinner was good, but I went to go spend some time with the boys next door in the evening and they gave me chocolate pudding and a slice of home-made pizza - I reckon it's about an extra 8 points.

Bizarrely, and completely despite that, the scales had suddenly dipped down by about 3lbs this morning! Since I ate normal amounts of food yesterday, and drank normally too, it's a bit weird. Tell me - how long does muscle wastage take - 2 days of complete inactivity???? lol. I expect it will have stabilised back up to something normal tomorrow, so I shan't worry too much.

I'm still nowhere near being able to do any exercise at the moment, which is entirely frustrating. I've got to go by the gym tonight to go and pick up my food trackers for the challenge. We're tracking for the week before the challenge starts, which will then be reviewed by a nutritionist at the start of the challenge. What do you bet that my eating next week suddenly becomes super-clean because I'd be too embarrassed to take anything less to the nutritionist??? Not sure if we have to track every week during the challenge too - so many questions I've got about it!

This week feels like it's really flown by - luckily I've got another blissfully quiet weekend ahead of me to continue recovering. Man - it totally sucks that I'm 28 and my back is this screwed up - let that be a lesson to you all that back protectors are a bloody good idea when you're jumping horses! And possibly for snowboarding too!

And one final thing - part of my challenge for holiday (which I've now realised is only 8 weeks away!) is to get down to a size 14. In honour of that - I bought a pair of size 14 trousers - I wanted to see where I was at now and how much work I had to do to get there. Surprisingly, I can actually put them on - it's just that I need to lose a good inch or 2 off my waist to make them a comfortable fit. But at least I know where I'm starting from and what I've got to do now!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

For some crazy reason, whenever I'm unable (or, let's be honest here, unwilling) to exercise, my eating gets worse. I can't come up with a rationale excuse for that behavior except lack of focus. When I'm exercising, I seem more focused on the entire game, I guess.

Anyway, sorry you're been sofa-bound, but sounds like you're on the mend. Get it together, girl. We've got work to do before this year ends!

starfish264 said...

You're right, Jack, I think yesterday evening was a symptom of the self-pity I've been feeling the last couple of days. It's done now, and it's out of my system. Eating's back to normal today. In a way I'm almost more focused on my eating because I know I haven't got any leeway when i'm not exercising. I'm bloody determined to lose this week!