Saturday, 19 September 2009

Keeping moving is getting expensive!

So, the scales are starting to play ball and head back in the correct direction, which is good, but I am going to have to do some serious planning to keep them there until weigh in day. I've got dinner out tonight, and then again tomorrow night ..... eeeeeeeek!!!

So I'm planning my whole menu for the next couple of days, and keeping the eating around the meals out healthy and fresh to compensate.

I spent yesterday out and about, just still trying to walk and keep moving. It's still pretty sore, but I guess there's some small signs of improvement. I went into town, since I can't exactly go walking on the hills ... at least in towns there's benches if I need to sit down and rest .... but I ended up spending a huge amount of money. Damn, damn, damn!!

Ended up with gorgeous cowboy boots for the winter - I've had my eye on these babies in Office for ages, but didn't think they'd fit my chunky calves. I don't know why I thought I'd finally get round to trying them yesterday, but anyway they fit like a glove. It would have been kind of rude not to get them after that! Plus, since I was whinging to the sales girl that I'd had a rubbish day so far, she murmured to me that she'd give me 10% if that would make me feel better - how nice was that!!!!

I was actually looking for a dress for the weddings I'm going to next month. Oh boy, did I find one - but it was £135! Ouch!!! But how's this for a compliment - I had it on in the changing rooms and was looking in the main mirror in the central corridor, and a woman came in with a load of dresses, looked at me, turned to the sales girl and said "where's that dress? That looks great - I want to try it"! Also when I bought it home - Bridget and Sid made me model it for them - Sid's reaction - "you look gorgeous". I'm thinking this is a pretty good dress, but it is mighty expensive, so if I do find anything cheaper but nice, it might have to go back. But, but, but ...... it's so purty!!!

I'll try and post a photo at some point.

I ventured back to to the gym last night. The inactivity is driving me bonkers, and I wanted to see how low-impact work on the machines would work for me. Despite the walk to the gym hurting, I was able to comfortably do 15 mins high resistance on the recumbent bike and 20 mins on the cross trainer. Did a long, long session stretching afterwards, and also did some killer ab exercises that I've come across - talk about working everything in one go - those babies hurt!!!

(If you're curious - sit straight with your knees pulled up, bent at 45 degrees in front of you. Raise your feet off the floor, tilting your upper body backwards slightly, until you find your balance point - kind of like a V-sit with bent knees. Keep your hands loosely by your ears so your elbows are bent forwards, pointing towards your knees. Slowly twist your knees to the left, whilst twisting your elbows and shoulders to the right. Return to the centre and then twist your knees to the right, upper body to the left. Repeat the full motion 10-12 times, without dropping your feet to the floor, and do several sets. Believe me - you'll feel the burn.)

I felt much looser after the gym, but as soon as I walked out the pain returned, so it's definitely an impact thing. Bugger. Just got to keep the stretches going I guess.

Just as I was getting back from town yesterday, I got a call from my boss, just checking up to see how I was and whether I'd be back at work next week, as she's off on holiday. I mentioned about the physio appt problems to her, and she's said she's going to see if she can get me private physio through my work's health insurance - fingers crossed for that!

So that's me - going to meet some friends in town for coffee in a bit and a bit of a mooch round the shops (again), then heading out for dinner tonight and to the cinema to see 500 Days of Summer.

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