Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Still housebound

I'm now on my second day of mostly lying still and trying very hard not to move too much. The Diazepam's doing it's thing and I'm seeing a return of some small amount of mobility, but moving too much (mostly anything involving either bending my back, or trying to sit up from a reclining position) still hurts like a bastard. I didn't exactly sleep well last night as I start to ache once I've been lying in one postion for too long, but then obviously it's difficult to get into any other sleeping position.

I made it through yesterday with just 1 point over. As much as I wanted to eat stuff to comfort myself, I also didn't want to have ruin my eating - I've been doing so well, and it would be such a shame to ruin that now. I'm a bit short on food in the house now, so I'm going to have to totter out later and get stuff.

On the upside the BNS risotto tasted absolutely fab, and was so easy to cook. I'm really glad that I'm able to add such lovely new recipes to my repertoire. I have my dishes that I cook well, but I'm not terribly good at following recipes, so they scare me a bit, but the last couple I've tried have been pretty great.

God, I don't want to have to get up - it just seems like way too much effort, and it's just going to hurt. But then, I also feel disgusting at the moment so really I should get up and have a shower. Ugh.

Oh - good news though - I'm going to be doing the Biggest Loser challenge at my gym - whooop! That's going to be a great motivation not to cut any corners over the next 6 or 7 weeks.

*Edit* - Whooop!!! I've just been entering some of my recently discovered recipes into my points tracker since I'm a bit bored. My cinnamon banana bread which I baked at the weekend turns out to only be 3.5pts a slice instead of 4.5pts!! How awesome is that! I'd worked the points out from the calories and sat fat info given in the back for the recipe book, but of course WW's counts some of the ingredients such as the vegetable substituions as 0pts - awesome! Which also means I'm now under points for the week instead of slightly over - yay!!!

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kate said...

rubbish, hope you're on the move again soon. good luck with the shower ;)