Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Kit Kat Chunky bit me on the ass

Hee hee - told you it probably would at some point! Bridget and Bec came over for dinner last night which was lovely, but I have to admit I got hungry waiting for them, so the Kit Kat got munched. It was yum. I savoured it. All in all, not worth 6.5pts though. I wouldn't buy one for myself I don't think. No regrets though.

We had a nice dinner - healthy pasta with a tomato and chilli sauce with extra veg in, and then the rhubarb crumble with some low fat vanilla ice cream. It's gone from the fridge - whooop! Now that was yum - very nice!

So, points were a few over yesterday - I'm not too fussed. Yes, yes - I know, I've been very, very good, and kept it up, blah, blah, blah - it's fine though - this whole thing is a little give and take. Nights when I'm entertaining are always a bit challenging - actually, I've now nicely asked everyone to stop bringing me bad food to make me feel better - it doesn't, it just makes me go off track! See - if I don't ask, I don't get - so I've asked nicely, and hopefully, I now won't get! lol

Meds are all starting to nicely do their thing - I actually slept in until quarter past 9 this morning, which was lovely. My ankles still sore and far weaker than it should be, but my hips starting to feel a lot better, and I've managed to speak to the physio this morning. I'm heading round later to pick up a list of exercises to help and to make an appointment for a full review. The physio doesn't think it actually is bursitis - she said it's a diagnosis the doctors often make, and while the symptoms are similar it's much more likely to simply be a result of my back problem and treatable the same way it was in January after snowboarding. I prefer this diagnosis as it means I haven't done any more damage to myself in the interim.

So another quiet day on the cards - I'm going to eat some veg, potter about and then run some errands with the help of my dad this afternoon.

Still good, still slow and steady.

Ooooh, and my iPhone arrived yesterday - is this my favourite new toy or what?!??!?! No more being away from my blog from me - blogging on the move is now totally on the agenda!!!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm Kitkat Chunky!!!

Glad you're starting to feel a bit better, you'll be back to your best before you know it.

kate said...

good hear you're getting better-blogging on the move, is no longer an oxymoron ;)

Sally said...

Kit Kat Chunky bit you on the ass....

I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me ;)

But like they say...(BTW, I have no idea in hell who THEY are anyway) Everything in moderation!