Sunday, 6 September 2009

Running and cake

Went out for the slowest ever 5k this morning. Good grief - running when your legs feel like lead is zero fun!! Not quite sure what was with that - they felt pretty dead from a couple of minutes out, and that didn't get any better as the first quarter of the run is uphill. Still, perseverence occurred and 37 minutes of not very happy running later I stumbled home. Ach well, done and done.

On the fun side - I baked cake this afternoon!!! And it turned out goooooood! I'm diversifying into new skills that I think I should have, and I think baking should be something everyone should be able to do at least a little of. First attempt - cinnamon banana bread - a little loaf type number. I actually royally messed up the ingredient proportions, so I was expecting a complete disaster, but it actually turned out totally lush!! My flat smells amazing, it was so satisfying to be able to turn out a perfect little loaf - a slightly crispy shell and fluffy moist inner. I'm in love with my little creation!!

And even better still - I had a slice (had loads of points available today), gave a couple of slices away to very appreciative friends and pre-sliced and foil-wrapped the remaining slices to go in the fridge, ready for snacks over the next couple of days. I could quite get to like this baking lark!

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