Monday, 14 September 2009

Re-medicated ... and why do ill people always get given food?

Ok, so first things first - I've been back to see the doctor and after some discussion and a re-exam, I was given the option of either stronger painkillers, or stronger anti-imflammatories. Daft question really - one will mask the pain, and one will deal with the root cause! So stronger anti-imflammatories in the form of Naproxen it is. Since I'd also mentioned the trouble sleeping because of not being able to get comfortable, she's taken me off the constant doses of 2mg Diazepam during the day in favour of one night-time 5mg dose, so that's cool and will hopefully knock me out cold.

Incidentally, why is it that you always see hotties at the doctors' surgery when you're in crappy clothing, no make-up and hunched up like Quasimodo, and probably gurning due to the pain? Anyway, I digress!

So anyway, the first dose of Naproxen seems to be helping a bit, and I feel a little more comfortable than I have, and a bit less hunched over than I have been.

Why is it though, that people seem to think that if you're not very well, giving you food is the answer???? And completely non-healthy food at that! I mean Bec bought round lunch yesterday - yes, there were baguettes, fresh roast chicken and salad, not so bad, but also a huge pack of Kettle Chips and cheesecake (thank god the crisps were a flavour I don't eat so that's one temptation removed!). Then my dad turned up to give me a lift to the docs this morning, bearing the biggest rhubarb crumble you've ever seen (oh god - I love rhubarb crumble - how the hell am I going to resist that???), and then after we'd stopped for petrol on the way home, he dropped a Kit Kat Chunky in my lap "to make me feel better". Seriously??? I've just checked - the suckers 6.5pts, just for a chocolate bar!

It's no wonder we've got a few fucked up notions about food, when other people keep reinforcing them unconsciously! In pain? Eat chocolate! Or crisps! Or crumble! Or all three!!! I was more impressed with the grapes Bec bought me "because every sick person has grapes!" lol. Much better.

So I'm going to be spending this week, rationing out all the goodies, and preferably feeding them to visitors and / or the boys next door. I think the crumble's going next door - then I can have a bit, and they can have the rest. Job done. Having said that, my dad did also drop off two packs of easy cook, fresh veggies, so thanks Daddy for that - that is good!

I'm a bit bored already, and I've got another 5 days home alone - arrrrrgh! Let's hope I can start the physio soon and that'll give me some (potentially slightly painful) entertainment to keep me diverted. I think it's going to be a long week otherwise! Although I did just order myself a new iPhone, so maybe that'll give me something to play with.

*EDIT* - Just noticed that I've completed all my current goals in my side bar! Whoop! Need to put the next load up there to do now! Don't worry, I've got some ready to go - unfortunately they're on my tracker sheet at work. Damn.

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Anonymous said...

glad you were able to get to the dr. sorry about the bombard of food. But i swear the older generations think food is key or answer to all problems. Break the cycle