Monday, 7 September 2009

2lbs down ... and it could have been more

Whoop - I'm in new territory again. Finally!

After hovering around that 3 stone lost point for bloody weeks now, I've finally moved forwards and broken through it officially! Fabulous!

Which is lovely, because it means the "left-to-lose" numbers finally, finally shift to 1 stone something instead of 2 stone something. That sounds sooooo much better don't you think?!

So I'm off to a cracking start on my 1 stone challenge for holiday in November - 13lbs to go to hit my weight target. It could have been a bigger loss this week, as I've seen lower numbers over the weekend and late last week, but we had dinner out last night quite late, and I feel super full of food still. That's cool though as it means the other numbers will be back later in the week - gives me an easy strive to aim for. Also, I'm now only 2lbs away from that golden moment when my BMI moves from obese to overweight - awesome!

Clothing-wise I feel like I might be on plan to get my holiday target there too. My work trousers are starting to move into that annoying hinterland of between sizes again, where they're looking pretty baggy around everything except the waist, although there's even a little room for manoeuvre there .... there maybe a size 14 somewhere in my future, and my near future at that!

Aside from pub dinner last night (although that didn't blow my points - just weighed me down with food), food's all good again. I bought some of the home-made cake to work today from one of the little foil wrapped parcels in the fridge. It was one of the 2 slice parcels, so I gave the other slice to my friend who I sit next to, who appreciatively wolfed it down.

Exercise tonight will be spinning and probably a quick run after, and I'll also find out tonight whether I'll be able to do the Biggest Loser challenge at the gym .... fingers crossed for me! Even if I can't, I'm going to be working super-hard over the next couple of months. I'm finally starting to feel like the end is in sight, and I can't wait to make this final push and get my (obviously slimmer) ass there. I'm such a flibberitgibbet normally that I'm rubbish at seeing stuff through to the end, so meeting this goal will be amazing. Even if I do then do an evaluation to see if I want to lose anymore - the fact that I've done the first huge chunk will be brilliant.

So - this morning I was 13st 5lbs - I'd like to aim for another 2lbs off this week - I already saw 13st 2 / 3lbs this week, so let's get it on the scales officially! This week's another quiet one socially - evening's will mostly be exercise, whether in classes at the gym, or with friends. As well as a running buddy in my neighbour Sid, my friend Bex has now volunteered herself for a swimming buddy which would be lovely - although I'd better be careful to make sure I don't get carried away chatting and don't do my lengths! Got another nice quiet weekend at home ahead - there'll be a few more friends around this time, but nothing too destructive on the cards as far as I know.

I'm purposely keeping my diary fairly free at the moment to give me some bank account / body recovery time after the hectic summer. There are some events coming up over the next couple of weeks and months - birthday weekends and weddings, but I'm planning for them already. I'm on FIRE at the moment!!! :O)

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kate said...

i'm dead impressed with your persistence and motivation-keep up the good work :) ....i hate that 'hinterland of between sizes too, it can be so expensive ;)