Thursday, 17 September 2009

Aim - be more active

So I went to bed nice and tired last night, and slept well. I also forgot to take half my tablets because I'm an idiot, but I'll take that as a sign of improvement, since I obviously wasn't living from one dose to the next.

I'm a little irritated this morning as the scales are showing signs of bouncing back up again .... I'm telling you now ... not going to happen. I don't mind staying the same this week after last week's big loss, but I sure as hell am not going back up again.

And I know exactly where the fault lies. I'm bored (as I was last week), but I'm also more mobile - so I can now get to the kitchen. I can see I've started snacking, or eating dessert, and although I'm within my points, it's not good food. Time to get back on it. I made soup yesterday, and bought loads of fresh veggies, fruit and yoghurt yesterday, so no excuses.

I've got some more errands to run today, so that will get me out the house for a bit and walking round. The physio's said that the more I can do (within reason) the faster I'll be better - the discomfort is from muscles being waaaaaaay too tight, and the best thing to do is move. So move I will. This morning I'm going to the post office to send parcels. This afternoon I shall try and get out the house again and do something gentle.

Because I'm a lucky, lucky person, I've skipped the 6 week waiting list for physio on the NHS and been given an appointment for tomorrow morning. I asked for an early morning one, so I can get the hell out of bed and get moving. I collected my exercises yesterday and I've been doing them - did them in bed this morning before I got up, since a lot of them are lying down ones! I think it feels a bit better - it certainly highlights where the tightness is - good god, my left hamstring and calf must be about 2 inches shorter than they usually are!!!! I'm not going to swim again tonight, but I'm thinking I can aim for another short swim tomorrow night.

Loads and loads of my friends are going away this weekend. I was meant to be going with them, but since they're going on a walking weekend that's a bit kaput for me. So I'm staying home - just going to have make sure that I keep myself moving and active. Ach well - I might be missing out on some of the fun, but at least I'll be saving some money - the constant weekends away don't half give me a headache on the money front! I think I might mooch into town on Sat and look for a posh frock - got two wedding evening do's I'm going to next month and not a lot to wear to them.

Anyhoo - time to go pack parcels and get out the door - more anon, folks!


Watching and Weighting said...

ooooh posh frock shopping! get us!!

i'll post pics if you will.....
so glad to hear you're doin better


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

"Not gonna happen."

I love that attitude, sister.

kate said...

you must have friends in high places to skip that waiting list!