Sunday, 20 September 2009

The challenge begins

So today is the start of the Biggest Loser challenge at the gym. For the next 6 weeks, I'll be going to twice weekly group personal training sessions on top of what I normally do, and generally being scrutinised, encouraged and ass-kicked into losing some more weight and toning up.

It's not come at the best time, with me still being somewhat injured (or maybe I should say that me being injured has not come at the best time, with me starting the challenge), but I'm going to do the best I can.

3.30 this afternoon, I shall be facing scales, impedance testing, fat calipers, tape measures and a round of circuits designed to test my underlying fitness. I shall also have my food diary from the last week reviewed by a nutritionist, who will no doubt tell me where I'm going wrong, and what I can do to improve.


My joints are all feeling loads better today - the constant walking of the last couple of days, although painful, really seems to have helped, so I'm feeling like I might be able to put in a decent effort this afternoon. Just got to make sure I do plenty of stretches before I go up to the gym.

So, before this afternoon, I'm going to get some serious tidying done around this flat. Going to put some loud music on and dance my way around (yes, probably literally - I'm a bit like that) putting stuff away, sorting more stuff to be thrown out, doing the laundry and cleaning.

The scales are still holding steady for the moment - I mentioned earlier in the week that after last week's big loss, and because I'd been really inactive and now I'm starting to move again, I'd be more than happy just to stay the same this week. Of course if I lost anything I'd be ecstatic, but I'm being a realist. I also know that I'm eating dinner out this evening - eeeek! I'm heading to a restaurant called Spice Fusion with Lissa and Jo (my lovely holiday pals) to have a catch-up dinner. I looked up their website last night, and the menu is a mix of all things Eastern - some Indian cuisine, Thai and Indonesian - so I'm going to have some form of stir-fry with either noodles and rice and keep it light.

Thanks for all the input on the dress yesterday - I'm still undecided, but logic tells me that taking back the expensive dress (at least for the time being) is the thing to do. Damn, I hate logic. Need to take back some other stuff from yesterday's shopping extravaganza too, I think - why do I always get so carried away???? Although, on the nice side - 2 of the things I bought were a size 14! No way!! At least I know it's still working then!

Right, time to get up, get some breakfast, and get moving.

Expect me to be a little bit broken next time I report in!

p.s. - please check out the video at this link:

One of our fellow bloggers, Caley, has entered a competition, with her partner Robert, to win a trip to Thailand to help with tourism growth over there. Judging is based on the quality of the video, but number of views will also probably be taken into account, so let's see if we can help them out a bit! We're all chasing our dreams on these blogs, and telling the story of how we're doing - so let's see if we can help Caley and Robert get a bit closer to achieving one of theirs - thanks guys!


Bryher Hill said...

The Biggest Loser thing sounds fab! Good luck with it, any prize at the end?

starfish264 said...

No physical prizes as such, but apparently the average participant in the previous 2 sessions the gym ran, lost 10lbs in 6 weeks - that would do very nicely thank you! So the prize, as such, is confidence on the beach in Egypt in about 7 weeks time!

Although I'm starting from a bit of a disadvantage as I'm already healthy-eating / exercising as we start the program. I'm excited to see how it goes!

Bryher Hill said...

At least you won't have that horrible "cold turkey" kind of phase when everyone cuts out all of the bad food they eat. I wonder what they will think of the WW plan as I would imagine they may try to get you to cut out a lot more stuff. Good luck with it and think of Egypt!