Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ouch - pain! Lots of pain!


Bugger, shit, bollocks and fuck.

Sorry - lots of swearing because I'm in pain - my back's crunched out again this morning and now I'm subject to stumbling round like a granny for the next couple of days again. And because I feel guilty about missing work, I'm in the office, which means I can't take the good painkillers because they're at home and I can't drive once I've taken them.

Not happy.

So I guess that's the gym struck off for the next couple of days - I don't see Combat happening on Thursday - think that would just be asking for trouble, although I might be able to manage a gentle swim tomorrow.

My running was still really off yesterday -I did my spin class, which was good but knackering, but couldn't find my pace with the running. Rather than push it, I set myself a (really short) time, achieved that and stopped. Not sure what's happening with that, but never mind.

I finished yesterday in a seriously eat-everything-in-sight frame of mind. Just felt insatiably hungry, so really struggled with waiting for my tea to cook and not nose-diving into the cake in the interim. Managed it, just, but I did eat all my exercise points on top of my daily ones. I had massive pudding cravings after dinner (still in the eat-everything place obviously), but used one of my coping strategies - it sounds stupid, but just a teaspoon of Nutella on it's own. I think because it's sticky, it coats the mouth with the sweet taste and seems to really squash the remaining cravings. Weird but useful.


Tina xx said...

What a great idea to cure the munchies....Nutella...I must get some. Hope you feel better soon hunnie x

Ali said...

stopping at just one spoonful of nutella! Now that takes will power!
Bugger about your back though, hope you're feeling better sooner rather than later

Carlos said...

sorry that sucks