Sunday, 27 September 2009

Damn BBQ's!!!

First off - thanks for your kind comments yesterday - I was receiving them throughout the day on my iPhone and it kind of acted as a nice reminder: that I'm not alone and to just keep trying above all else.

I thought I had a pretty good handle on things yesterday. I had a sensible breakfast (cereal), a healthy lunch at a friends house (scrambled eggs on toast with some baked beans) and a plan for the birthday BBQ we went to last night. Unfortunately, when I actually added it up in my tracker this morning, I was proved completely wrong - 14 points over - arrrrrghh!!! Proving yet again that I sometimes get it completely wrong with the numbers even though I'm an accountant!!! :o(

To look on the positive side though, it could have been a lot, lot worse. Originally, we had been going to go out for lunch as well, so at least we had made an effort at being healthy at lunch by staying in. My plan for the BBQ was to have no more than 1 of any given thing - so no multiple burgers, or hot dogs (in fact I only had 2 things off the BBQ) and to make sure I loaded up on salad-y stuff. Actually looking back, I've just thought how I could have been better - since they were serving jacket potatoes, I could have skipped on the bread rolls - why didn't I think of that at the time??? Must store that for future reference!!! I didn't drink last night either, so that's good, although I did have a cupcake, and then a small slice of b'day cake.

No use dwelling though, right? It's done, and today is a fresh day. I've planned my meals already. I'm going to the gym for a (very careful) session with the challenge group this afternoon. I will keep plugging away at this until I get it right!

I'm not sure what the scales are going to say tomorrow morning (eeeek), they're a lb up at the moment on last week, but then I did eat late (and too well) last night.

Told you I struggled losing more than 4 weeks in a row didn't I?? Maybe this is my own special form of self-sabotage! lol

Other than that, we went to see Fame at the cinema yesterday afternoon, which I liked, but kind of wish had actually been a bit cheerier, as it quite gloomy in parts. We also had a mooch round town, but I didn't see anything that really caught my eye in the shops. I want something nice and transitional for the Autumn, and I also need to get some new board shorts and bikinis for holiday in 6 weeks, but of course those last 2 items are long gone from the shops by now! I'm going to hop on line and order some now - that'll be motivation to keep going I guess - 6 weeks before I hit the beach again!!

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Carlos said...

i think you got it right... just keep trying... the only mistake you can make is quiting