Sunday, 2 August 2009

Not again!

Shit, fuck and bollocks. I have to stop eating out, because I've keep getting sabotaged!!!!!

No. Freaking. Soup. On. At. The. Pub.

WTF?????? They always have soup. But no. Nada. Rien. None what so bloody ever. Arrrrrrghh!

And no casserole either - so no cop out with something that at least has lots of root veg in it, and no chips on the side.

My choices were pie, fish and chips (battered or grilled), cheesy leek bake or scampi and chips. I have no idea where the rest of the menu disappeared to as usually there's loads of choice, but I get the impression they'd been rammed all day and didn't have much left. As the lesser of several evils I had the grilled fish, which is good in that I've been craving fish and chips for a week now, and bad in that there were chips. And there might have been apple crumble with custard afterwards, but we'll not mention that shall we? Please?

The only mitigating factor in yet another disastrous meal out is that the walk up there included a slight detour up the Worcestershire Beacon (bloody hell my legs are out of practice at walking up hills), so it took us an hour to get up to the pub, accumulating a flippin' good sweat and a thirst on the way, and then another 40 mins to get back.

All in all, not quite the angelic finish / catch-up for the week that I had in mind, and I'm so annoyed with myself for losing my grip yet again. I did save some points for the day, but I'm still over for the week, and wondering just at what point during the week did my control slip. I would imagine the point where I ate out 4 times.

So here's a challenge for next week. I'm not going to eat out. I'm not feeling like anything's going to have budged in the right direction on the scales tomorrow morning, and I think the blame can be fair and square laid at the door of my lack of self-control / forethought when I'm not cooking for myself. Maybe going forwards I should try and limit myself to only eating out once a week?

More anon, my lovely readers - the moment of truth tomorrow morning.


anne h said...

I have taught myself not to eat out for one year, just to give myself a fighting chance for weight losing/health gaining !
I still do, when I have to, but like you said, once a week or so max..
I loved it when you said "bloody hell!"

Linz M said...

I saw that bit about the apple crumble!!!

At least you went for the grilled fish, I'd have thought sod it and gone for the deep fried!

Good luck for WI.