Saturday, 15 August 2009

Exercise is good, eating not so much

Could someone give me a kick up the arse please, as I seem to be going a bit wrong somewhere at the moment.

The exercise is good - I'm building it into my everyday life, and I getting to the point where I want to do it. Yesterday, I finished work slightly later than expected, then went clothes shopping for slightly longer than expected, so it turned out to be around 5pm before I made it home. I had been going to go for a walk on the hills yesterday afternoon, but then stuff got in the way and it didn't happen. I kind of sat there for 5 mins when I got home thinking about it, then thought well, I don't want to eat dinner for at least an hour, so I could either sit here and regret not doing some exercise, or I could do some. An hour? That's a hill-walking length of time if ever I heard of one!

So I went out, and was actually out for an hour and a half. I ended up going up the Beacon and back (the highest point on our local range of hills) which is quite a long trudge straight up (45 mins pretty much continuous steep climbing, door to summit), but worth it when you get there. It's good to get to the top and feel you've achieved something.

My eating however, doesn't seem to be so great. On the surface, it looks fine, but look closer, and I'm a subtle point or so over here and there. It doesn't seem much, but given that the scales don't seem to have wanted to budge down much over the last 2 weeks I'd say it's influential. Apart from occasional fluctuations when they tease me with a new low weight, they then bounce right back up to where they were. I have got to get a handle on it. I don't know if this is because I'm so much happier at this weight that I'm getting a bit complacent, or if I'm just letting life get in my way, but I've got to make some progress again. I haven't even managed to lose that ridiculous holiday gain yet and I'm due back off on another holiday on Wednesday!!!

On the flip side, I got an insight yesterday into what I would look like if I were a size 10/12. I was trying on a jumper dress in the shops and I looked in the mirror to check it out. I swear to god they had the most ridiculously flattering mirrors you've ever seen. They lied. I was looking at them for a good 5 mins trying to work out exactly how much they were flattering me, and must have looked pretty puzzled as the changing room attendant actually came over to ask me if I was ok! I'd certainly like to look like that in real life though - way cool!

So the message here generally, is that the exercise is good, but I need to tweak my eating slightly. I'm going to a flipping beer festival all this afternoon and evening, so no better place to start. Luckily, I'm not a massive fan of beer, and I'm pretty much a drinking lightweight at the moment so that puts paid to me taking in too many calories from alcohol. Maybe I'll have a look at what my friend Becky's doing and copy her. She's naturally one of these very slender people, and they always say we should pick up their habits, so I could do worse than to do whatever she's doing, right?

Continuing yesterday's thankful theme: I love that I can go climb a big hill and enjoy it, and then have enough energy left to still walk comfortably to and from the pub later, and I'm grateful that I have such beautiful hills right on my doorstep to go explore.


My Fat To Thin Journey said...

Hey Hun :) Stop beating yourself up, if you feel like poop then you mood/habits tend to follow. one thing i noticed about exercise is that as great as the gym is, it gets boring, so you have to mis it up. I did 2 boxercise sessions this week and a thirty mile cycle, and no gym. I lost 5lbs. so maybe you should mix your exercise, i totally swear by the boxercise. My sister is a wee skinny minnie and even she is sweating for scotland by the time we leave. Grab a pal and just do it, and trust me you will enjoy. In regards to the food. Plan EVERYTHING. Try haveing Birdseye Chicken Breasts with a handfl of skinny chips and salad for a couple of days, really filling but really healthy. Good luck for the next weight in.

Mwah Caley x

Sara said...

Well done on the exercise front! I'm sure you'll have the eating under control in no time. Enjoy the beer festival, sounds like fun!