Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Weird-ass scales

Well, I truly do not know what's going on with my scales; either they're teasing me this morning, or they well and truly stuck two fingers up at me yesterday, but according to them I'm between 3 and 4lbs lighter this morning (I stepped on twice as I didn't believe it the first time).

Whatever happened, this puts me in new lighter-than-ever territory which is pretty nice, so now I've just got to behave and keep it there!

Food was fine yesterday, and looking at the last couple of weeks, I seem to be settling into a fairly comfortable rhythm recently whereby I get everything I want and need, and I'm able to save points as I need to. Most days I'll earn some activity points, and I usually use 1 or 2 on the day, but bank the rest. This seems to work pretty well as it gives me a bit of wiggle room come the weekend.

Yesterday evening was spin class, followed by 12 mins jogging on the treadmill. When I run after spinning I just do what I feel comfortable with, with a min of 10 mins, since I've already done something pretty intense. Last night I felt pretty strong hence the couple of extra minutes, and I also knocked my pace up my an increment in the last 5 mins. Increments on our treadmills are only 0.1 kph, so it's pretty small, but I figure a little bit here and there will increase my pace in the long run, and I know I could have gone significantly longer had I chosen to - I stopped because I felt satisfied with what I'd done.

I had on a funky new workout top last night (bright, bright emerald green - I guess I'm not exactly the shy and retiring type) and my instructor, Tim, commented on it when I hopped on my bike at the start of the class. It's nice that I feel confident enough these days that I take that as a compliment, or at the very least a neutral comment, and don't just feel like there's something wrong with it or I'm being laughed at. When we split into teams to race off, I was captaining my side of the class, so Tim obviously nicknamed us the "mean, green racing machines" - in his face, because we won, courtesy of yours truly going head to head in a captains race off because the teams were tied. Me, competitive??? Oh HELL yeah!

So that was yesterday, today's going well, although I don't quite know what my plans are for tonight. No exercise though, I think, as I've got about 3 million things I need to do, including popping round to see my dad and doing a food shop, and was also supposed to be seeing the girls too - I think Dad should come first for a change though as I have been a terrible daughter of late!


Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i woke up this morning more than 3 pounds lighter than yesterday morning. weird weird weird, but i'll take it! i'm at my lowest, too!!!

starfish264 said...

Good that I'm not alone then! Let us cross our fingers, toes and eyes and pray to the almighty scale gods that they let us keep the pretty numbers tomorrow .... or lower ones. I'm not fussy really!!