Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Biting the bullet

Eeeek - I've just sent an email enquiry off to a local running club about joining their novices run every week!

I've never even considered joining a club before as they're full of scarily fit people who can literally run laps round me, but I really want to break through this annoying 20 min barrier I've got to, and I'm not sure how else to do it. I was thinking that I really enjoyed the couple of sessions I did with the ladies from the gym - especially as it took me away from the roads and on to terrain I wouldn't attempt on my own, so I did a little google for local running groups. The first one back on the list is quite large (about 120 members) and while they do seem to do lots of racing, including marathons and crazy fell running challenges, they also run a group specifically aimed at people just starting out. They also say they run lots of groups of overlapping abilities at the same time every week, so it's quite easy to progress, and they seem quite socially oriented which I'm hoping will translate into friendly and welcoming.

I guess I'll never know if I don't give it a try! And best of all - it's free to run with them!

This marks a change for me though - seeing something I want to do, being scared about it, but doing it anyway ... and all without the usual couple weeks / months procrastination when I wonder whether I dare to.

On a completely different note - a little bit of victory this morning: I was starving hungry, and having already eaten one of my satsumas, I went over to the coffee shop to forage. I walked past the cakes at the coffee counter - not really in the slightest bit tempted other than curiosity as to what they were serving today (coconut tray bake, millionaire slices, double chocolate muffins or white chocolate and raspberry ones, and yum yums if you're interested in knowing!) - wandered into the shop with my small skinny hot chocolate, looked at all the chocolate bars and crisps and settled for a Nutri-grain bar. I love it when I can make decisions I can be proud of! I also didn't buy any crisps to eat with my lunch time sandwich - hooray! Crisps are a bit of a vice for me - I associate eating a sandwich or wrap with having a pack, so it's good when I can break the habit and prove to myself that I don't need them to be satisfied - helps me separate the difference between "want" and "need".


Watching and Weighting said...

eek! excitement!!! GOOD FOR YOU - DO IT DO IT DOOOOOOO IT!scary but you improve so super quick! Know how i got past the 20min barrier?? adding one minute on each time I ran and tried to go every day....worked a treat lemme tell ya! oh then i did that 5k which helped! xxxxx

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Fantastic! Way to push yourself way outside the comfort zone. It's going to be a great move!

Fat[free]Me said...

What a good idea - will google my area when I finish this!

And well done on the coffee shop success - woo-hoo!

Yum-yums, did someone mention yum-yums (sniff)...

Linz M said...

Nice one - I am envious of you being able to run for 20 mins never mind any more!!

I'm the same with crisps as well, flipping love them!

Rapunzel said...

Those are wonderful non-scale-victories! Hurray for you!! xoxoxo