Sunday, 30 January 2011

6km in the bank

6km’s more added to my yearly running total this afternoon.  41 minutes.  It’s funny how the runs that you really didn’t want to go on sometimes turn out to be the better ones.  It felt pretty smooth and easy, and I could definitely have gone longer / further if I’d chosen to.

I slept in til noon today – still desperately trying to catch up on a bit of my sleep deficit from the last couple of months, and I felt much better for it.  The good thing with getting up late is that you skip straight to lunch and save yourself some points for the rest of the day – happy days! :o) 

Tasty poached eggs on a toasted muffin with mushrooms for lunch, and a mahoosive portion of stew for tea for just 4 points – lamb, kidney beans and lots of lovely vegetables.  Which left me tons of points over for a WeightWatchers Sticky Toffee pudding and custard (and I may have snuck a sliced banana on top – toffee and banana – awesome combo!).  Although, FYI – the pudding?  Mmmm – it’s ok, but not great.  And now I’m using my last couple of points for some cinnamon pralines from Hotel Chocolat ….. and they are super tasty.

I feel like I’ve had a fairly productive day today – done the food shop, fixed my necklace, about to sew the button back on my cardigan, but I’m a little frustrated.  While Jo was down yesterday we had a long conversation over the fact that I’m budgeting like crazy at the moment, and how hard it is, and how impressed Jo was with me for doing so.  One thing I commented on was that I was little worried about how I was going to afford her birthday as she wants to go karting and then out into Birmingham for a night out which means staying in a hotel as well.  I’m already going on a canal-boating weekend 2 weeks after that which I agreed to weeks ago for Graeme’s 30th.  Jo’s birthday is going to cost over £100 all in, which is so much of my weekly budget. 

But no, last night I start getting angry text messages from Lissa about how I sucked for not wanting to go karting as well as the night out, because I was “supposed to be Jo’s best friend, and I can’t believe that you’re going to Graeme’s instead” and that I “should consider your choices better”.  I pointed out that I had been asked to Graeme’s first, and that I hadn’t known what Jo wanted to do at the point of how much it would cost.  Apparently, I was meant to have said no to Graeme's just in case Jo wanted to do something expensive.  I’m so frustrated.  If I’d been asked on Graeme’s when I had already started budgeted, I’m not sure if I’d have said yes.  And if Jo “is only turning 30 once and wants all her friends around her” then perhaps she should have picked a way to celebrate that doesn’t cost so much money.  But what can I say.  I never said I wouldn’t go, but I’m getting grief for expressing an opinion.

And I wouldn’t mind so much, but Jo and Lissa are the same people who gave me such a hard time for not budgeting in the first place, so it now sucks that I’m getting yelled out over what is effectively a double standard: I should budget, unless it means saying no to something they want to do.  Rant over.

Oh crap, and I’ve just watched the saddest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  Think I need to watch another one to cheer myself up now!


Victoria said...

Well done on your run, keep it up.

Hmmm friends can be really insensitive and selfish sometimes they will get over it. Just point out the obvious to them about budgeting etc and be honest and they should understand.


Linz M said...

Good work with the run - I so wish it was something I was capable of. Maybe in a few stone's time :)

I agree with Vics - your friend sounds like she is being a bit insensitive. After all, you've not said you won't go and really, it's not her business what you do.


Peridot said...

That's pretty insensitive - funny how people are happy to support you in theory, but the moment it changes something in their life, throw their hands up in horror.

And I SO agree with you about lie-ins - pointalicious!