Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Going cold turkey

Day no 2 of the New Year restart, and so far we're going surprisingly well. I made it to the end of yesterday without caving to dessert or sweet stuff - I realised that what I was mistaking for hunger as I walked home was more likely the unfamiliar sensation of my stomach being comfortably full rather than stretched to capacity.

And today? First day back at work: home-packed lunch and no snacking - yay!!! I even realised that I hadn't bothered with my habitual skinny hot chocolate and I didn't need it.

I don't have time to work out this evening as I have no food in the flat and I have a date later, so my little bits of walking to and from the office and the bar later will have to suffice. Healthy dinner with lots of veg and then some sensible drinking tonight. Do I remember how to do that? You bet I do! Besides - I can't get hammered on a first date ... it's not really polite ;-)

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Lexie said...

Hope your date went well hun :)

Lex xxx

Lizzie said...

sensible drinking? what is this you speak of? :-)