Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wonders never cease

First things first .... thanks Lexie - the date was great :o) More of that later.

Secondly - I'm extremely proud to report that on day 3, I have just realised that one of my bad habits I am now going without is eating anything that wasn't on my tracker. Wooooohoooooo! I know that sounds like such a small thing, but in that case it's such a small thing that I stumble over again and again ... and freaking again.

I was flaming starving on the way home from the office last night, so I grabbed dinner from the supermarket on the way home ... and unlike the flying visits of before Xmas, I actually just grabbed my dinner, a copy of Heat (not known to be highly calorific) and left with nothing else. Victory!!

Another small victory / change was that when I looked at my dinner (king prawn stir-fry with ginger and soy sauce), I was bizarrely tempted to eat all of it in one sitting. Errrrrr .... I think my brain's shortwired somewhere .... I know it's vegetables, but seriously? That's a ridiculous portion when the bag of veg clearly says 2. Then when I started cooking, I realised my error, and thought "no, that is definitely 2 portions, and this way I'll have ready-done dinner for tomorrow". I don't know why it is sometimes, that I'm wired to try and eat waaaaay more than I need - a definite case of eyes bigger than my stomach. But in this case I did it properly and tupperwared the rest of it straight away.

And another small victory? (Yeah, I know, they just keep coming today). When I pointed up dinner, I expected the noodles to be 6 points-ish. Afterall, I'd eaten the suggested portion from the pack. By chance, I thought I'd check it against the actualy nutritional information, and it turns out that Sainsburys Free Range Egg Noodles are a whopping 9 points for half a pack. Nooooooooooo!!! Not happy. I can tell you, right here and now, that I was highly tempted to put in the standard points suggested by Weightwatchers so it didn't upset my planning, but then thought what on earth would be the point of that?

I'm not here to trick myself, or lie to myself, or to wonder later why it is I'm not losing weight. Honesty, honesty, honesty. All pointed and accounted for.

And finally - round of applause please ladies and gentlemen ........ I managed to go to my favourite cocktail bar last night and drink sensibly!!!!! (Excuse me while I just pick my jaw up off the floor). No cocktails. Not one. None at all. I had 1 vodka and cranberry, and 1 vodka and diet Coke, and then just a diet Coke sans alcohol. Oh good God - there must be something wrong with me!

Soooooooo - good day all round really. The date was lovely - he was lovely - I thought he seemed really nice, and apparently the feeling was mutual, as we're going to try and find some time in our ridiculous diaries to meet again (which is a little tricky as he's now headed back to London and we're both working pretty much the rest of the month continuously including weekends ... boooooo). Despite my best efforts at sabotaging myself by a) somehow being the most clumsy person ever and attempting to fall over, or take out the lamp next to us on several occasions, and b) nervously talking away 19 to the dozen, and probably revealing way too much about my bad habits / neuroses / general-stuff-you-should-never-tell-a-guy-on-the-first-date it somehow went well. He's fun, well-travelled, intelligent, attractive, good with the compliments, kind enough to laugh at my jokes and not laugh when I attempt to fall over. He's promising.


Lorr74 said...

Top marks for you on all counts!! Fab! Glad the date went well, look forward to hearing about the next one x

Kathleen said...

Wow…way to go on the hot date! I hope things work out for at least a little while longer (if not even longer) because having someone to talk and snuggle with is so fun! Good job on a.) finding out the TRUE points value for your meal and b.) holding yourself accountable for it. Also, for not going nuts in the grocery store…that is my big downfall. When I’m hungry, EVERYTHING sounds good.

trio said...

Sounds like you are doing well and i hope there is time in you schedules for a 2nd, 3rd etc date....

I've started tracking my food on myfitness pal after putting another half a stone on. I've decided to stop pretending i can eat what i want because i exercise but get to a sensible weight. You have been an inspiration in me starting.

Lexie said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I hope there was a nice smooch at the end of it too!

I'm glad it's not just me with the clumsyness when nervous, I once smashed an entire glass of red wine on a white table cloth whilst on a date... wooops!

You're in the ZONE!!!! You know you can do this :)


Seren said...

So happy the date went well - that all sounds good, and what a lovely way to start the new year!

Congrats on all your NSVs as well, sounds like you're doing great.