Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hello 2011 and welcome!!!!

So far I'm having a great 2011. We had an awesome night out. I dressed up silly and actually felt pretty good about it .... I luuurved my stockings!

(Apologies for the dodgy photo quality - all the proper photos are on my camera but this one was on my iPhone.)

I felt great, laughed, got chatted up, danced hard, may have had a cheeky kiss (or 2) at New Year, and was actually grumpy to be dragged away from the club. But then we went on to Fistral Beach afterwards and lit Chinese lanterns and watched them til they disappeared - one to say goodbye to 2010, and one to welcome 2011.

I can't say I've eaten healthily over the last couple of days, although I have eaten well. BUT I have made some good choices and it's really only the snacking on chocolate and pringles that's been bad.

We're here for another day, then back home to Bristol for me. I'm excited to get home and go for a run and start this 2011 off properly. Another 10k (or 2?) and a duathlon coming up! I eat better when I'm exercising properly, so this is something to look forward to.

Here's to a fantastic year (another one) and lots more adventures!

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Lorr74 said...

Happy new year to you!!! Loving the costume!Here's to a fab 2011 xx