Monday, 31 January 2011

A month??

I can’t believe that January has flown past so quickly! Last time I looked it was New Year, and here we are at the end of the month already.  Which is interesting, because it means in 4 short days time I’ll have been super-duper on plan for a whole freaking month.

GO ME!!!

I weighed at 12st 10lbs at the start of this year - well, after New Year, which let’s face it, in dieter’s terms is the start of the year – and I’ve lost half a stone already at my last weigh in – what a fabulous way to get going!

I didn’t get to run today, which was part of my loose plan, as I didn’t escape the office until half 8, but my eating was clean …. so clean that I’ve been able to have a late evening snack of a yoghurt and some chocolates to get to my daily total.  In fact (and please be very proud of me for some world-class self-restraint here) I wandered into Hotel Chocolat yesterday at Cribbs Causeway, and bought a little box of 6 chocolates.  Cinnamon pralines, if you please.  I had 3 last night, put the other 3 in the fridge and enjoyed them this evening.  That is practically unheard of, but I enjoyed them sooooo much because I knew they were in my daily allowance. 

Also – just for the record, I am totally loving the leftovers habit I have at the moment.  Since I started cooking double portions (or more) of my dinners, it’s made things so much easier.  I know it’s stupid that it didn’t occur to me to do this more often before, but it makes such a difference getting home every other night and not having to think about what I’m cooking, and having a dinner that’s super quick to get done and on the table.  Together with the meal planning before I do my weekly food shop, it’s giving me a much more stable routine, especially while I’m working the crazy hours. It’s also meaning I’m starting to eat a bit more of a varied meal plan again, because I’m thinking ahead on what I want to buy, which means I can pick up different ingredients for new dishes if I want to.  I’ve got an entire recipe book of awesome to work through!

Next month, as well as continuing to rock this (which I will!), I’ll reach my 2nd anniversary on this blog.  2 whole, freaking years – where on earth did the time go??  On the fun stuff, I guess.  Today I decided that this year should probably include some more surfing.  And windsurfing.  Which makes it new wetsuit time.  Funny how that doesn’t hold any fear anymore.


Seren said...

Wow, what an amazing start to the year you have made - goal must be within sniffing distance! Keep on keeping on and you will look stunning in that wetsuit :)


Peridot said...

That's amazing - you're well into the 11s. And where did you start? A moment's silence in respect.....

I totally agree on cooking double (or more) portions - all the convenience of a ready-meal but all the healthiness and low pointiness of home-cooked. Unless it's turkey bolognaise of course - think that's destined to languish in my freezer for ever!

What do you count those chocs as? I would love to get some rose and violet creams for moderate treats but am scared in case I point them wrong.