Friday, 7 January 2011

A funny thing

It's the start of a brand new week. Not a half week on plan because I ate the contents of several fridges over the weekend and then got back to it, but a whole shiny new week.

The official report from the scales was only 0.5 lbs off this week, but I figure it this way - I've eaten a crapload (that's the official term by the way) of bad food recently. Now I'm eating a lot of good food. And I do actually mean quite a lot, because my veggies keep my plate full. But I know what I'm eating, and I honestly know I'm on plan - I'm just not starving myself. So the weight is not dropping off super-fast because of the not-starving, but if I eat like this for long enough the fat will start a-burning itself and then the scales will drop. Logic and no need for immediate panic.

The funny thing is though - the better I eat, the better I find myself wanting to eat. Before you sigh - I know a lot of you are probably hearing all the evangelical zeal of the new quitter. We've all heard it before from brand new non-smokers, dieter's, and probably reformed alcoholics too. That massive burst of enthusiasm that's so annoying / amusing for the old hands. God knows I've read enough of those blogs and shaken my head. Maybe it is that, but I'll take my motivation where I can find it.

For the moment I find myself returned to that glorious mindset from 2 years ago. After the initial crunch of getting back to it, I'm finding that the more I eat clean, the more I want to. Little things like not giving in to pre-dinner snacks and not having my morning hot chocolate at work. Lots of fruit instead of my more normal cereal bars. Making sure I say no to the odd little bites of food that can sneak in.

And you know what? I realised today that I think I'm genuinely starting to feel less hungry. I've noticed I'm not needing as many snacks during the day and between meals. Maybe it's a psychological response but it's cool.

Went to Body Combat last night for the first time at the new gym (and the first time in months too) and it has literally kicked my ass. I'm not even kidding - my ass aches so much today. And all of my back too!!! Youch!!!! Even more youch as I have a personal training session at lunch which was promised as a one-on-one spin session. Urgh!!!! Death!!!

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Victoria said...

A loss is a loss so take it and be pleased, well done.

I should get to some body combat classes too.

Nona said...

Haven't been blogging for a while but glad to come back and see you are doing so well. Keep up the good work.