Saturday, 8 January 2011

Going banana's and stepping away from the scales

I mentioned yesterday that I was having a love affair with bananas at the moment, and I totally am. Seriously - I love, love, love them. I always did love bananas, because not only do they taste good, but they are seriously filling and give you a real energy boost to boot. And you can use them in loads of cooking / baking too - versatile!

Under old-style Weightwatchers I'm ashamed to admit that I was a bit wary of them though - if I wanted fruit, I'd often veer off in the direction of lower pointed things - equally tasty, but not as satisfying. Now they're free though - well, hellooooooo baby! Awesome before the gym, and whenever I start to have serious snack cravings, like while I'm cooking and absolutely starving. I am careful not abuse them though, I probably eat 1 - 2 a day (mixed in with other fruit), but I only eat if I'm actually hungry, and only one at a time.

The other thing I'm having a serious re-acquaintance with at the moment is eggs, and for much the same reasons - wholesomely delicious, versatile and so filling too. My obsession-dish du jour is a toasted English muffin, split and lightly buttered, with a layer of mushrooms and then 2 poached eggs. A lot of very tasty food for just 6 points (I use medium eggs, a fairly small muffin and just a spray of olive oil to fry the mushrooms, topped up with a splash of water - by the time you've seasoned the mushrooms in the pan, they taste great). Takes 10 mins to cook, and bugger me if it doesn't keep you full for ages. I eat it for breakfast, for tea, for lunch - it turns up pretty regularly at the moment.

It's so filling in fact, that I had it for breakfast at about half 9 this morning, and I seriously can't even contemplate my lunch yet at half 1! No word of a lie - I keep thinking I want to eat something, but I'm not even vaguely hungry, to the point that actually food doesn't seem that appetising after all. But worry not - when I am hungry, I've got my home-packed lunch with me. Just as well really, as the Pizza Express takeaway menu is currently doing the rounds - it would appear that work springs for lunch when we're in on the weekend - thank heavens I came prepared!

In other news, the scales suddenly dropped today. Which is great, but also bad. Yeah, perverse aren't I? See, when the scales drop big time, I see big success, and my instant reaction (after "yeeehaaaa!" obviously) is "excellent, it obviously works, so I don't have to work as hard now". Not helpful. At. All.

I loves me a bit of scales accountability. When things aren't so good, I step on that scale daily and acknowledge the truth to help keep myself on the straight and narrow. Now things are better, I will need a new tactic I think; I don't want to see a (hopefully) steadily falling number and be tempted to slack off .... I think it is now time to step away from the scales once more. As you may remember, I got quite into that in the Autumn last year when I was making good progress. I learned to trust myself, look at how my clothes felt, and I had to work hard because I couldn't be sure what the scales were doing. I need that again, so I'm going to weigh myself no more than 2 times a week going forwards, and see if I can keep this current momentum going. I can already feel my jeans feeling a bit better as the post-Christmas bloat deflates, and it does feel so much better.

And lastly: I can not move today. Between Combat and bloody Rob yesterday I'm so stiff. I was going to go to yoga this morning, but seriously, I don't think I'd have been able to bend!! Hopefully, I'm going to be done with work shortly, so I'm wondering about going for a walk or possible a very gentle bike ride somewhere this afternoon to try and loosen up a bit. Alternatively, I could go do a proper food shop and find lots of nice vegetables for next week ...

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Lexie said...

I only used to buy the "kid sized" bananas on the old plan, but now I buy the real grown up ones :D How strange am I?!