Friday, 7 January 2011

Ooooh – that hurt a bit!

And might well continue to do so for a little while!  I had a personal trainer session at lunch time today – weights followed by a one-on-one spin session.  So the the good thing was that Rob (my PT) reckons my weights strength isn’t too shabby.  Better still, he said I was streets ahead of where he was expecting me to be on the bike.  15 mins of interval sprints on the bike, followed directly by 15 mins of intense hill intervals.  It sounds stupid but 90 seconds of straight out sprinting on the bike is hard.  It certainly kept my heart rate high, but at least I had the pleasure of watching my trainer sweat it out with me as he was on a bike too!

As today was my last free session, we discussed the possibility of me continuing our sessions privately.  Even though I’m on a strict budget at the moment, I’m going to do it.  For the first time in the on-and-off history of me having a trainer, I feel like Rob really understands what I’m trying to achieve and is actually listening to me.  He knows that I’m trying to finish losing weight, achieve all round fitness and that I’ll be training for my 10k and duathlon, and he’s putting my training sessions together accordingly.  In the past, it’s always felt like I’m just doing whatever cardio and weights the trainer fancies doing that week with all their clients, rather than something actually that’s tailored for me.  Either that, or they’ve pushed me so damn hard that I’ve either felt like vomiting or passing out …. and I do mean literally.  It’s like they paid no attention to my actual levels of fitness at all. 

I’m going to have a sort of trial period up til mid-March – if it can give me a boost and make a difference, then it’ll be worth the money, and I’ll think about carrying on with it.  I’m going to continue with fortnightly sessions, as I think I can afford that a bit easier – it’s a compromise between cost and effectiveness.  In return, Rob is not only going to conduct the sessions with me, but put together and monitor a proper program for me, and also wants to see what I’m eating via a food diary.  Yep – I’m going to have to own up to what I’m eating.  That’s accountability for you!  The initial plan is to spend the first couple of sessions in the gym, concentrating on weights to boost my metabolism (yay!), and after that the next step is ….. *gulp* …. Rob wants outdoor sessions concentrating on my running.  Oh gawd.

I’m quite proud of myself actually this afternoon.  I’ve managed my hunger twice.  I had a sandwich before the gym, as I only wanted a light lunch, so I was bloody starving when i got back … and I managed to eat relatively sensibly.  A Go Ahead slice, satsuma and a yoghurt and I treated myself to a skinny hot chocolate – I thought the milk would be pretty filling given that the soup bar had closed by the time I got back from the gym.  No crisps.  No chocolate.  No cakes from the coffee bar (yeah – we have pretty varied catering options at work – soup bar, deli sandwich bar, hot food, jacket potatoes - pretty lucky really, but also open to abuse if I’m not careful).

Even better – I’m using a couple of my flex points this evening to treat myself (again) to a little bag of Maltesers – damn it – I’m a frigging angel:  I bought my Maltesers on the way home, and even though I was absolutely freakin’ starving by then (left work late), I made it in and out of the shop with just my chocolate, some fruit (oh my – am I having a love affair with bananas at the moment!) and (super organised here!) lunch ingredients for tomorrow so that I’m good in the office.  Damn it – I am on a freakin’ roll!

Soooooooooo good in fact, that I haven’t actually eaten my Maltesers yet, because I’m going out for a quiet drink in a bit with Hannah and can’t decide whether to use the points on a drink instead.  I can’t quite decide whether to stay alcohol-free tonight, or maybe just have one – I’m working tomorrow and don’t want a groggy head.

Sorry – I know me crowing on about how good I’m being at the moment is pretty boring – it’s just I want a record of me being on track –  I guess it’s a bit more for me than you guys at the moment.  Bear with me, huh?

Love ya all muchly – and just to amuse you – here’s a proper pic of this little ladybird from New Year.





Paul T said...

Looking great!!! Are you riding an exercise bike or a bike trainer? I find that combining elliptical with a bike trainer burns off the most calories for me. 50+ minutes about 5 days a week lets me um er eat well.

Linz M said...

You look amazing!! Glad you had a good New Year. Interested to read about the PT, it's something I have been toying with for a while, maybe once my budget permits. Keep up the good work :)