Monday, 10 January 2011


|The scary thing has happened – someone I actually know out The Real World has found my blog (hey Dom!).  I’m not sure why I thought no one would ever find it, but it might have been a little naive.  I guess it doesn’t really change anything though, and I should just write as I normally do.

So – I was a bit worried that I’d struggle to get back onto my regular workday eating after the weekend.  I did great last week, and over the weekend too, but you know me – I always worry about my motivation!

I ended up having a great weekend, both in real life and in terms of my tracking.  I loved seeing Bec yesterday when she visited Bristol – we had a lovely lunch at Yo! Sushi (and the lovely Hannah joined us too) and then spent a couple of hours mooching round the shops.  It was so nice to catch up, and made me feel a lot less left out of things back home having moved away.  Best of all though, I … wait for it ….. ohmygod, actually-finished-a-weekend-on-points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Yes I did. 

I tracked absolutely everything, did the best I could with working out my sushi points, and I haven’t quite used up all my Flex points, never mind my activity points.  Whoop!  And I’ve done alright today too.  Packed my lunch, controlled my snacking (and did that even though I worked an hour and a half late this evening), and came home to cook my planned dinner.  Amazingly, I’ve actually underpointed today too, as my dinner actually came to far less than I was expecting – so I’ve still got 6 points to kill.

The stir-fry beef was lovely – I did it with my usual “sauce” – garlic, light soy sauce and ground ginger – simple, tasty and zero points.  I used half a pack of Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Beef Stir Fry, which came to a very economical 4 points, and a nest of egg noodles from Waitrose, which were just 2 points!!  See – sometimes actually pointing everything individually works in your favour :o)

Now ….. what to use those remaining 6 points on ….. I can’t save ‘em after all!


Peridot said...

Thanks for trying to fathom out my bizarrely pointy turkey bolognaise! So, I added half a jar of duck fat.....whooops, no I didn't! It's spray oil, onion, garlic, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, passata and turkey mince! I think it was 500g of turkey mince - and it made 3 not particularly generous portions (I'd hoped to get 4 but it would have been pathetic). Yes, 6 of the points are for wholemeal spaghetti.

And well done you for doing so well and being so positive! What did you have in Yo Sushi? I always worry about that! And I'll be getting some Waitrose egg noodle nests.


Peridot said...

Oh - and breakfast I usually have porridge made with half LF soya milk and half water, with a spoonful of coconut butter and blueberries (6pps) and lunch I usually have soup c5points and 0% Total yoghurt (1pp) with tsp honey (1pp) and some fruit.

Seren said...

Sterling work - well done you. And loving the sound of the beef stir fry - I'm the same, make stir fry quite a lot but never think of beef - that might be changing this week.


Victoria said...

I was worried when someone from my real world found my blog but she was so surprised I struggled all these years with my weight and she had struggled too that we ended up having a massive chat with me about it.

Might try the beef too, sounds interesting!