Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stress Days

Today is going to be a test. I know everyone has different ways of dealing with stress, and traditionally, I was always an eater. Just eat them there emotions until you feel better.

Work at the moment is super busy, and today is an added ball of stress on top, so the challenge is not to let that carry me away from my good eating, especially as I'm eating out tonight with friends.

I was uber organised last night - even though I didn't leave work til late, I cooked myself a load of roast veggies and some ratatouille-type veg, and whilst that was going, I used up the rest of the veg making homemade soup (and then I cleaned the kitchen and changed the bed, and finally settled down to watch a couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy!). That's a bit of a life-saver today as I've been able to bring soup for lunch with my sandwich and save myself some money and points for tonight. As it's super-filling I think that should also help me avoid the stress-snacking.

I was thinking on the way to work this morning, that the one trap I don't want to fall into at the moment is carelessness. Sometimes I get so zoned in on my routine, that I don't actually notice when I start sliding a bit and it's those small differences that add up to me not getting good results at the scales. I was wondering, for instance, whether I actually need a medium fruit salad each morning, or whether a small one would be enough most mornings. And I need to pay more attention to my lunch sandwiches, as I'm not entirely sure whether I bought medium or thick bread this week even though I'm pointing it as medium.

Little things that add up!

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Seren said...

You sound very organised and very positive at the moment - so don't let that stress get to you! Good luck and have a lovely weekend.