Saturday, 29 January 2011

Time to pick up the slack

Yep – it’s time to get my head down and make this week a good one.  And why’s that you ask?  Because I actually had a really good loss this week and, frankly, that terrifies me a little!

I feel a little discombobulated to be honest – 2.8 lbs off this week – which is fab, don’t get me wrong, but means I’m going to have the hell of a job to lose anything this week – especially with dinner out last night and two more out this week – yikes!

I’m hoping that the crazy at work is finally dying down a bit now – the final curtain yesterday was that Jo was down to visit and I was still late to leave the freaking office – poor Jo had to wait half an hour in the car for me!  I did make it to my morning spin session though, and even tortured myself through my personal trainer’s weights program.  I was a little broken afterwards.

Anyhoo, after I did finally get home, we dollied ourselves up and went out for dinner (excellent Mexican) and a few drinks / cocktails.  After that, we were both absolutely shattered so we actually came back to the flat and both crashed out.  The good news is that the early night meant that I didn’t blow all my weekly flex points.

I’m enjoying my first full weekend off this month – heaven!  I’ve only had 3 days off in the last month so it’s good to have 2 days together and an actually opportunity for a lie-in.  We went for a walk by the coast this afternoon and had a picnic – this was a good thing as the alternative was a pub lunch – aren’t you proud of me for going for a sensible sandwich and crisps instead of what would know doubt have been something waaaaaay more calorific instead?

I spent this evening wrestling with my conscience, as I suddenly took it in my head that I wanted Chinese takeaway.  Do you ever get times like that?  Doesn’t matter that I already used most of my points for the day, or that I already think what I’ve written about about the impossible task of losing this week.  I sat there looking at that menu online trying to work out what I wanted, when I was torn and didn’t really want it.  The only thing that stopped me in the end was the realisation that I’m going for Chinese on Thursday for the Chinese New Year – I’ll be getting exactly what I wanted then, and I can sure wait 4 days.  Instead, I did the sensible thing, defrosted some lamb and made myself what is an awesome casserole, if I do say so myself. 

I admit that I ate more of it than I needed, and mopped up the sauce with a couple of slices of bread – so yes, I’m a few over my daily points, but with my activity points from my walk I’m still a few saved for the day.

And I’ve got tasty,healthy stew for the next couple of days.  So, all in all, not a terrible start to the week.


Zanna said...

Yep you're doing all the right things despite the inner struggle - well done you !! xx

Peridot said...

You deserve every ounce of that 2.8lbs - well done you!