Thursday, 13 January 2011

Weekly round-up

Well, despite work going into what can only be described as hyper-drive, over the last couple of days, I’m still here and surprisingly still standing.  It’s been late nights and long hours all round, and I’m pretty sodding knackered, but I’ve actually managed to get a workout or two in.  I woke up early on Tuesday just to ring the gym and book a spin session, and I’d intended to get a workout in today, but ended up working past the class time.  But I’m planning on going to (seriously) early spin class tomorrow morning ….. so spare a thought for me at 6 freaking 45 tomorrow morning!!!!! 

It’s the end of my week on Weightwatchers, which means tomorrow is the dreaded weigh in.  I think I’ll have hopefully lost at least something … the scales have been bobbing around all over the place, so I’m not at all sure what to expect!  I’d actually rather a smaller loss than a ridiculous big one though, as it gives me a better chance of making steady progress over the next couple of weeks.

I have actually achieved what has previously seemed the impossible and completed a week on plan and only used 8 of my activity points.  I’ve eaten a ton of fruit and veg, and good lean meat, and I’ve eaten a lot more home cooked, and home made food and a lot less processed / pre-packaged stuff.  I seem to have also got my snacking down to a reasonable amount,despite all my extended hours in the office, so I’m really hoping it will pay off with a little karmic love at the scales.

This weekend will be my first real challenge since the pig-fest that was New Year.  I’m off home for the weekend, supposedly out to the pub tomorrow night (assuming I can get away from work soon enough) and then Saturday I’m out celebrating my friend Sheena’s birthday with a dinner and cocktails / night out.  Dinner’s not too bad as I know the restaurant we’re going to (it’s an Italian) and I know they have a fair few vegetarian / tomato based options on the menu which makes things easy.  I’m debating whether to drive to either the pub tomorrow night, or Sat night, so I can lay off the booze though and give myself a fighting chance.  I’d love to see another tracker like this one at the end of next week!


Victoria said...

wow 6.45 spin, that is brave.

Why don't you just drive on the first night out then you know you have been good and not worry too much about the second night. I'm doing the same tonight, driving to the pub but will enjoy a glass or two of wine tomorrow.

Good luck at your weigh in.

Peridot said...

Well done that woman! May the capricious scales reward you..

PS Have you got some of your 49 pot left to absorb cocktails and the odd drink or two?