Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The portion conundrum

Hey guys – how’s it hanging today?  Good?  Healthy?  Rocking your New Year’s Resolutions?

I am.  I didn’t make my resolution about losing weight, I made it about being on plan.  And, yes sirree, I am still rocking it.  Good God – at this rate it’ll become some kind of crazy habit!

So – a fairly quiet day on the eating front today.  Everything’s crazy busy at work at the moment – working late every night and in the office on the weekends kind of busy, so one thing I’m thinking a bit harder about it where to get my exercise in.  I’m not seeing My Trainer-man again until next Friday, but I need to make sure I actually make an effort in between those appointments, or what’s the point?!  The weather’s been so uncertain the last couple of days that I didn’t want to take the risk of having a run rained off again, and I don’t feel like working out when I finally finish work, so I woke up early this morning and rang the gym and managed to get myself a spot in the super-popular lunchtime spin class. 

Having the spin class on my lunch makes life really easy because it means I get some activity done and dusted, without really eating into my day at either end, but it’s also great to get away from my desk and do something stress-busting on a high-pressure day.  The gym runs shorter versions of classes on lunches, and I should definitely make better use of them.  I might even go and have a little look at what else is available this week …

Eating’s good today, and has been pretty easy given that I knew I was eating stir fry again for tea.  It’s a great standby as it’s low points and soooooo quick to cook when I get home all tired and starving.  Here’s a conundrum though … and yet another example of why us poor sods go wrong so easily … yesterday I had noodles from a pack from Waitrose.  Each individual nest was a 62.5g portion and came out at 2 Weightwatchers points.  They were the last of the pack though, so I had to go shopping on the way home from work to get some more.  Sainsbury’s didn’t have any dried noodles again, and I’m not touching their fresh noodles with a barge pole, after the 9 point debacle last time.  Co-op had Sharwood’s dried egg noodles, so I got those.  As I checked the nutritional info though, I got a shock – each Sharwood’s recommended portion is 125g.  That’s twice the Waitrose portion!!!!  If I hadn’t had the Waitrose portion yesterday and known that that was plenty, I’d have quite merrily had the whole 125g portion of the Sharwood’s noodles and not thought anything of it.  As it was, I decided I’d just break a portion in half and have what I needed …. but didn’t have to, as when I opened the packet there were actually 8 small portions rather than 4 large ones.  How odd, that Sharwood should recommend 2 normal portions!!!  Anyway, I had one, and it was plenty and dinner was delish.

Just for amusement, and to help slow down my eating, I ate today and yesterday’s stir frys with chop sticks.  It’s an art I need to master anyway, but it doesn’t half force me to concentrate on what I’m eating! lol

Right, I’m going to settle down in front of the tv now – I’m about to form a close personal friendship with my sofa and a blanket, use the last of my Flex points, and a couple of my activity points to enjoy a Curlywurly and watch Letters to Juliet – guilty pleasure viewing at it’s best.


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Kathleen said...

Interesting what you said about eating with chopsticks. I know a woman who eats only with baby utensils in order to take smaller bites and make her food last longer. She eats off children’s plates as well.